JNKFD Year One Zine


Christian Hewett just hit us up to spread the word about the year end JNKFD zine. The issue is a collection of new and old photos from the past year and there is some great stuff in there. Mostly all film and a good mix of BMX and non-BMX photos. It is in one of those flash magazine things that a lot of people seem to not like, but I figured out that if you click “view in full screen” then “click to zoom” it will get rid of the weird animation and give you some nice big photos. Check out the zine at JNKFD.com and keep reading for some shots from the best of zine.


Fankult Zine


Our Friend Jay Clark, who we did a photogallery with way back in 2005 just posted a new zine on his blog Publikhair… Stoked on the black paper and scotch tape… You can check out the zine on Publikhair and if you haven’t spent time on that site, dig though the archives, there’s some gems!


Amigos Publishing


Nick Ferreira hit me up with a nice package containing the first to zine’s published by Amigos, a publishing company he started with his girlfriend Kerry. Check out a few images of the first two zines after the jump.


Amigos Publishing

amigos publishing

Nick Ferreira from Hole Shot Zine and In The Gnar has started a small publishing company with his girlfriend called Amigos. They just released their second zine – titled Hands Wide Open – it’s a 24 page black+white zine of illustrations by Dylan Goettlich. Check out the Amigos Publishing site and pick up a zine or two!



Nick has uploaded some pics of a box with a whole bunch of new Holeshot issues onto his Flickr page, which leads me to believe that a new issue is available, and IT IS.

Also, check out Harrison’s Q&A with Nick HERE, if you haven’t seen it yet.


nine-ninety bmx magazine zine

Jared Souney just posted a PDF of a one-off magazine that he put together with Brian Tunney sometime around 1998 titled Nine-Ninety. It’s pretty crazy to check out all the photos and see how many dudes are not riding any more or they are just people I’ve never heard of. I wonder if one day, we are going to be re-publishing our blogs and reminiscing about how rad websites were like how people talk about zines today… hmmm…..

Check out Souney and Tunney’s magazine here.

Editor & Art Director


Editor & Art Director is a rad independent fashion(ish) magazine that I came across on the Neu Army Blog. I was super psyched on a bunch of the spreads, so check out some pages of the magazine after the jump.


Won Magazine


Check out a rad newsprint Magazine from NowNow collective that Nick Ferreira linked me to.

Won Magazine.

Sticks and Stones Magazine


Check out Sticks and Stones. It’s an online magazine with a great mix of BMX, art, and design.


Junkfood Zine

junkfood zine #4

I have never heard of Junkfood before, but I just got a link to their fourth zine from the the Lotek site and I’m stoked!

Check out their zine here and their site here.

Nick Ferreira Interview


Nick Ferreira is the man behind the Hole Shot zine. We hit him up to ask him a few questions about Hole Shot and how he got started doing zines. Hole Shot is rad and I’m psyched to see where Nick takes it!

Check out the interview after the jump – READ MORE

Spike Jonze Zine


Independent book publisher Nieves just published a new zine with Spike Jonze. The zine is a small 24 page zine documenting the life of someone named orfan (orphan?) Sonny. I don’t know much abut Sonny, but I know Spike is amazing and I’d imagine this zine will sell out quick. Who’s excited for “Where The Wild Things are“… I know I am!

Check out the zine here.

Hole Shot Zine Issue 4

Issue 4 of the Hole Shot zine is being printed right now and I can’t wait to check it out! The zine is going to be $4.00 for US orders and $5.00 for foreign.

Check out the Hole Shot site for all the info.

Hole Shot Zine

Nike Ferreira sent over a copy of the third issue of the Hole Shot Zine and I thought I’d shoot a few photos for the site. The Zine is rad and you should definitely pick up a copy. My favorite part is the Dirt Ron fold out poster!! Check out the Hole Shot site and check out the zine after the jump.