Mike Netley has just put together a new zine under the Case brand, and was kind enough to send over a little sneak peek of it. If you’re not familiar with Case, click HERE for more on the previous issues.

According to Mike:

This new zine features photos from the past 4 years. From chilled sessions at the trails, to road trips through France and the USA and everything in-between. I might add there’s no words in this zine, minus photo captions.

Click below for a sneak peak inside the issue, then head HERE to grab the full deal (free shipping in the UK). You can also swoop a copy from the Source in Hastings and The Central Library. Also, should any shops want to stock this, then shoot Mike an email at for info.


Let's Go Get Cokes


Nick Ferreira is back with some new printed goods in the form of “Let's Go Get Cokes”.

From Nick:
Let's Go Get Cokes is a 24 page, 8.25″x10.5″, full-color artists' book in the style of bmx and skate magazines from the early 1990's. The glossy and well-worn photographs by an anonymous artist (a former pro-BMXer) are of skateboarders and BMXers – kids hanging out and learning tricks for the first time. The faces in the photos are unclear or cropped out, allowing the viewer to imagine their own adolescence.

Click below for some sample pics and go HERE to pick one up.


Available Now: Glad To See The Back Of You

glad to see the back of you, ricky adam

Ricky Adam (one of my favorite photographers) just released a 48 page perfect bound zine called “Glad To See The Back of You”, which is all about punk jackets.

Click HERE for more pics and info.

Casual Encounters

casual encounters, brian barnhart, zine, photography

Brian Barnhart has put together a zine featuring photos from his travels in the Pacific Northwest. Fans of travel and photography should give it a look. Prints are available as well.

Casual Encounters can be viewed and/or purchased HERE.

Holeshot Issue 9 Pre-Order

The FINAL Holeshot is now available for pre-order HERE.

Nick put together a cool box kit which includes:
BMX Bikes Wanted – Nick Ferreira
Lively Visions – Blazeguard
Fall River – Vinny Martin
Untitled – Jake Honesto
Uncle Buck – Matt Gaspar
10 Photographs – Kyle Emery-Peck
Hyde Pride – Andrew Burton
Suburban Shred II or Holyshit DVD-R
Over The Bars sticker
Club Portuguese Homeboy sticker
Vintage Odyssey cap (be creative)

Watch the video above, then go HERE to pick one up.

The Last Holeshot

Help kickstart the last issue of Holeshot.

To keep our approach fresh, issue 9 will be a box set of zines and materials produced by Holeshot’s main contributors and friends. Since its beginning, Holeshot has generally taken the form of a normal 5.5″x8.5″ zine format. To celebrate the end of the zine though, issue 9 will be a box set of zines and materials from Holeshot’s contributors and friends. Included in each box set will be a multitude of zines, photographs, DVD-R, and BMX ephemera. Our working edition is 250. The end result will be a box that resembles a book that can be shelved. Currently, our contributors and their respective projects are:

Andrew Burton Hyde Pride Zine – Interviews, photos, and more relating the to great skatepark located in Hyde Park, Massachusetts.
Chester Jones – Blazeguard
Kyle Emery-Peck – set of 10 color and black and white 4×6 photographs
Jake Honesto – Bears
Matt Gaspar – Hangn Brain 2 – Holeshot’s funniest contributor. Responsible for the famed Hank Hill bikecheck, Beetlejuice Trail Digger drawing, Evolution of Osiris D3’s article.
Vinny Martin – North Park
Nick Ferreira – TBD
and more to be disclosed

There will be no advertising in Issue 9. Instead we are hoping that our readers and prospective advertisers can help us reach a modest goal of $500 to cover some of printing, packaging, and shipping costs. If you have already subscribed, this issue will be sent to you free of charge. Do not feel obligated to donate, unless of course the spirit moves you. All backers will receive a gift. You can see all of those details at the Kickstarter page.

All My Bikes Zine

Illustrator Chris Piascik put together an awesome zine illustrating every bike he’s ever owned. Check it out!


No Bummers Zine

Riley McMaster hit me up with his No Bummers zine right before I moved from Vancouver to New York and in the hecticness of moving, the zine got packed away in some random box, only to be unpacked a month later. Riley went on a cross country trip thought America and put together this zine documenting his journey. Check it out!



The guys from Jnkfd sent over their latest issue of their zine. It’s filled with lots of fun content and if you want to pick one up, send an email to! (p.s. today is a non-official zine day)


Hole Shot Issue 7

Hole Shot zine issue 7 is out and ready for you to order! The new issue is 56 pages and B&W digitally offset printed. You can pick up the zine on the Hole Shot site, or just pick up a new Hole Shot t-shirt because every t-shirt comes with a free zine!


Yo, Sick Zine

Parshant from Yo, Sick, sent over issue 5 of his zine a few weeks back. He’s been doing Yo, Sick for a bit, but this is his first full size issue. The past zines have been super small, so it’s rad to see a big version. Can’t wait to see more!


Hole Shot Issue 6

When I returned from New York, the new issue of Hole Shot zine was happily waiting for me at my desk.  The sixth installment of Hole Shot is dope and the zine continues to get better and better each issue. With a great cover photo by Kyle Emery-Peck, a one sentence Fit Life review, and the price of a mere $5, everyone should pick one up!



Scott Barker from BMX FU just sent over a link to a zine with a bunch of photos and random BMX FU related stuff from the past year. Check it out!!

Ice Cold #5

Ice Cold Zine is having a release part for issue #5 at the Santa Rosa skatepark on January 30th. You can check out all the details on their site and keep reading to see some random stuff from the Ice Cold blog!


Holeshot Zine #6

Issue 6 of Nick Ferreira‘s Holeshot zine is now available. This issue has  an interview with Miguel Esparza, Las Vegas, Hangn Brain by Matt Gaspar, San Francisco by Kyle Emery-Peck, The Taunton Massachusetts BMX “Team”- Team Shed, Portland Oregon, and Matt Plassman, as well as photos by contributing photographers like Andrew Burton, Steve Crandall, Mike Michaud, Ted Van Orman, Mike Hines, and more. There is also a “Stay Fit” Review by Matt Matteson. To go along with the zine there is also a new Holeshot shirt and you can pick both the zine and the shirt up on the Holeshot site!