Yimmys Yayo & BFF Photo Show


Everyone’s favorite image blog Yimmys Yayo is helping put together a photography show for the Sydney Bicycle Film Festival. They are looking for submissions, so if you have any photos you’d like to see in the show and they somehow relate to bikes, send em in! Keep reading for all the details. p.s. the photo above has nothing to do with the post other than that I took it out of the serious Yimmy archive.


Yimmy’s Yayo


Not only is Yimmy’s Yayo one of my favorite image blogs, it was the first site like this that I bookmarked. If you haven’t checked out Yimmy’s yet, the basic concept is to share random inspiration, or “Visual crack for the ocular fiend.”. Everyday when I open up my RSS reader, I get excited to see what incredible images have graced the paged of Yimmy’s Yayo. Even a few things from Defgrip have even ended up on this site (you might have remembered this post a while back about a photos journey across the world wide web).

Yimmy’s Yayo had a huge month traffic wise in August and to celebrate the growth of the site you can now download the first 999 images! I downloaded the file, attempted to go through it and man, is it a massive file. I picked a few of my favorites to show after the jump, but if you are in need of some amazing inspiration, download the file and go nuts!