I came across this site/project in the new issue of Wired.

Where I Write documents the workspaces of Fantasy & Science Fiction Authors. While the pics aren’t too crazy, it’s interesting to see how some can go from super cluttered, to super simple.

NowNow Desktop-Desktop


NowNow Collective, who publishes Won Magazine has a rad series going on their website called Desktop-Desktop, where they feature the computer desktop and actual working desktop of designers. I could probably say it a million times, but for some reason, I love seeing other peoples work spaces and I had a great time clicking through the images on NowNow.

Check out Desktop-Desktop on NowNow!


Click HERE to check out some rad photo series from Joseph O. Holmes.

I’m feeling the “Workspace” and “CBGB” series. That’s pretty much what I remember CB’s looking like, but not so bright.