Shadow Conspiracy Woodward Week

Last night as I was discussing this video with some people, I forgot that I forgot to fuckin post it. Out of all the woodward videos coming out this summer, this has been my favorite yet. Heavy crew or riders, also Simone and Ben can nose manual in and out of anything!!


Cult Sessions / Woodward

Watch what happens when the Cult crew hits up Woodward east for a week.

Shadow at Woodward

It’s probably because I spent so much time at Woodward when I was younger, but I really love watching edits from Woodward… Especially Woodward East. The Shadow crew spent some time out there this summer and put together a rad edit with Lahsaan Kobza, Trey Jones, Drew Bezanson, Scott Ditchburn, and Alistair Whitton hitting pretty much every setup the camp has to offer… Watching this has got me thinking back to being 18 years old, working at Woodward, with nothing better to do then ride bikes and talk to girls… ahh, life used to be so simple… hahaha.

Josh and Ty in China

Stoked on this video of Josh Harrington and Ty Morrow in China. There’s a bunch of clips of them riding the new Woodward as well as some fun random stuff of them walking around and exploring. (via TCU)


Two By Four Site

I know I’m late on this, but I’m super psyched on the new Two By Four site. Van Homan has been doing a great job with his store and it’s really rad to see how he’s continued to kill it on his bike and at the same time build up an amazing shop. With the new site, they posted a fun video of the Two By Four crew at Woodward East. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a video from Woodward that’s made me want to ride there, but this one definitely did.

Check out the new Two By Four site and video here.