Opinions: Deciphering Web “edits”, “videos”, “parts” etc…

When our friends at Ride BMX released word about the new NORA CUP for “web video part”, it sparked a discussion within the OTX office regarding the difference between web “videos”, web “edits”, web “video parts”, promos, what should be considered what and if there’s even a difference at all. I’ve seen lots of opinions regarding BMX on the web over the years, so I figured this would be a fun topic to delve into.

With that said, I hit up a handful of riders, videographers and industry folk to ask them the following:

In your opinion…

Is there a difference between a “web video” and a “web edit”? If so, describe how the terminology differs?

Should something labeled “web video part” be part of a full video, or can it be a standalone thing?

If a rider releases a new solo 2 minute (or so) collection of kick ass footage online, you would classify this as a…?

If someone releases a “one night at House park with the homies” thing, you would classify this as a…?

If a full length video that’s been in the works for 2 years, has proper art direction and production value is released FREE online, is it considered a “web video” or just a “video”?
What would you describe Fiend’s “FIENDING” as?

Does a projects method of distribution (physical DVD or online) affect your opinion?

Can product promos that feature great riding mixed with product info and images also be considered web edit/video/parts? Or are they just “promos”?

Click below to see what Ryan Fudger, Will Stroud, Mark Burnett, Darryl Tocco, Dakota Roche, Charlie Crumlish, Ty Morrow, Jake Seeley, Francis Castro, Mike Mastroni and Ryan Navazio had to say. Throughout the peice, new designations pop up, opinions differ and uncertainty lingers among some. Pretty interesting.


Will Stroud’s Favorite Video Parts

walter pieringer pic

Will Stroud has been putting in work behind a video camera for many years now. He’s a staple in our scene and an absolute professional. I know because I’ve dealt with him first hand. He even provided me with direct links to each video part for this feature for crying out loud. Professional.

Anyway, instead of picking Will’s brain about video cameras and videography, I decided to find out what some of his all time favorite BMX videos & video parts are from a fan/viewer standpoint.

Click below to check that out.


Disposed: Cinema X Fiend in Tulsa

Here’s a Disposed from the recent Cinema X Fiend trip to Tulsa courtesy of Kevin Connors, Will Stroud, Ty Morrow, Garrett Reynolds, JJ Palmere,  Chase DeHart & Drew York.

Edit dropping on Monday (11/28), so be sure to check the Cinema or Fiend sites for that… or here too.


Q&A: Will Stroud / The Hunt

Justin Kosman hooked up this Q&A with Will Stroud; master videographer/head judge of The Hunt project. If you are not familiar with The Hunt, go HERE now. If you’re not familiar with Will, punch yourself in the face then click below.

Speaking of The Hunt, they just added a “Best Line” bonus of $1000.00. Get your stuff in people!!!

Click below to read up on Will.


Photogallery: Out & About w/ Dak & Nathan

Will Stroud is currently out here in Cali for a few days to gather footage of Dakota and Nathan. I ended up meeting up with the dudes to chill and possibly snap some pics.

We all met up around 11 or so, had some breakfast and decided on spots. Nathan and Dak were pretty beat from a late session at Etnies the night before, so this session was going to be on the mellow-er side. A bunch of good stuff was still produced though. Justin Kosman was also on hand shooting real photos, which I wasn’t trying to poach. So this little gallery is more or less just a casual account of the day.

Be sure to look out for a Nathan/Dakota spilt edit from Cinema soon.

Click below to check out the pics.


Gettin’ Nostalgic With Chris Doyle

We are super excited to present part 1 of “Gettin’ Nostalgic” with Chris Doyle. Put together by Will Stroud, who grew up with Chris and basically documented their entire lives on BMX. Chris and Will took a trip back to the infamous 401 trails, where they spent countless hours on their bikes along with guys like Ryan Barrett and Cory Muth.

Mixed with lots of amazing old footage, this piece gives you a great look back on a set of trails and a group of riders that not only made an impact on eachother, but have influenced the sport of BMX on so many different levels.

Keep reading to check out part 1 of Gettin’ Nostalgic as well as some great words from Chris Doyle!



Will Stroud sent through this video he directed for Alli With An I. Keepin busy!!!

I just had flashbacks of going to “shows” back in the day.

Chris Doyle Clips

chris doyle

There is a rad video of a mini ramp session with Chris Doyle on the Duo site filmed by Will Stroud!

Check out the clips here!

Will Stroud Reel

I saw this on The Come Up a few days ago, but it’s to good to not re-post. This is a montage of Will Stroud’s recent work. Definitely worth a few minutes of your day!