Not since the elamenop.com days have I actually sat down and spent a lot of time putting a personal portfolio site together. I’ve always just whipped something together out of necessity, but this latest rendition of my portfolio changes that. The site is broken up into three sections, film/photo/stories… The film section is pretty similar to my last site, but I’m super excited about the photos and stories section. I’ve been shooting photos forever, but have never actually put a real portfolio together. It has been a lot of fun digging through my archives and organizing all my work into specific galleries. The stories section is where I’ll be posting all my personal work from now on. I’m always doing random projects on my own and am looking forward to having a home for them.

Check it all out here! harrisonboyce.com

Hadrien Picard

Hadrien Picard just launched a new website showcasing all of his photography and film work. Check it out here and keep reading to see a few of my favorite shots from his site!



If you haven’t checked it out, you should jump over to Verde’s mini-site they have setup for their Out East tour. The site is super dope, they have some rad behind the scenes edits called Trip Diaries, some fun trip facts, and an instagram feed with photos from all the guys on the trip.

Check the site here and keep reading to watch the rest of the trip diaries.


Kink in Asia

Kink has a great mini-site up for their month long Asian adventure with photos from each country, videos, and instagram photos from all the team riders. Check it out here!

Edits Quarterly

Really digging the navigation of this site and love the treatment to the photographs. This is an amazing way to present editorial content in a browser and even with the influence that you can see from print layouts, it is very well though out and enjoyable to use. I’m definitely tired of the people who just try to design a traditional print magazine layout and throw it online, thinking they are creating a online magazine… Seeing this layout and the quality of content is a breath of fresh air and actually gets me excited for the future of “online magazines”.

Check out the site here – editsquarterly.com

New Breaks of 10

Our friend Tom Kirkby over at Breaks of 10 just launched a new version of their site. Check it out!

Marko Knezevic Portfolio

Defgrip contributor Mark Knezevic just launched a new portfolio site. Check it out!

The Talks

The Talks is an impressive website I stumbled across over the holiday weekend focusing on interviews with some very influential figures in culture. From Mike Tyson to Valentino, there is some serious content on this site, not to mention great photos mixed with a simple and clean website… With all of those elements, it’s hard to go wrong.

“The Talks is a weekly updated online interview magazine. Over the past decade its founders Johannes Bonke and Sven Schumann have met with cultural figures of all kinds. New talks take place while traveling throughout the year. This is the essence of it.”

Check out The Talks here.

Saturdays Surf Online Store

Our friends at Saturdays Surf NYC have launched a new website/online store where you can pick up everything from their in-house clothing line to the art on their walls. The site is super dope and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for the new year!


Shelby White from Wanken has just launched a new project called Designspiration. Designspiration is an image sharing/bookmarking website that was built of out a need to help fellow students find inspiration. With over 1,000 hours and ten months work of work, this site is thoroughly thought out and very well designed. To give a little background and to put everything into perspective, Shelby has written up a very detailed blog post about the site, the design, and his entire process of building this inspiration platform from the ground up.

New Volume Website

Volume Bikes has an all new website. Check it out!

Chad Moore

Chad Moore has a new website up with a bunch of new work including the photos he shot for the Oakley / Chase Hawk project. Check it out!


Magazine Covers

Just came across this great website – Coverjunkie.com – with an amazing archive of Magazine covers. Old and new, print and digital, Cover Junkie has it all. Spend some time digging through the website and keep reading to check out a few of my favorite classic covers.



Chromeo recently hit up Justin Saunders from JJJJound and asked him to put together a JJJJound like image blog – titled CCCChroemeo – inspired by Chromeo’s album “Business Casual.” When I first checked this, I wasn’t sure if Chroemo was ripping on JJJJound, or if they actually teamed up… Stoked it was the latter, because this looks like a pretty fun project! (p.s. look out for the streaming music that you can’t turn off)

New AisleOne

AisleOne, one of my favorite sources for design inspiration, updated with a new version of their website. With a wonderful layout, two options for viewing content – grid or list – and a nice hidden dashboard, the new version is extremely successful and is a great example of a site that could easily just be thrown into a basic blog layout stepping it up to the next level.