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Volume Back To School Softgoods

volume softgoods, alex raban, 2013

Click below to check out the Volume dudes partying on the beach in new clothes.



You don’t see Lil-D stuff too often, but here he is shaking his rump around LA.

Jason Enns Edit

Hit em with it! Jason Enns comes through with a super solid section for Volume with lots of good rail clips and a serious banger at the end.

Mike Mastroni

Mastroni puts a smile on my face. It’s always interesting to see what this dude cooks up.

Shout out to that slow-mo noise at 02:14

Lil Stevie

Volume just dropped this new edit with Lil Stevie. Does not disappoint.

While you’re at it, peep Lil Stevie’s DEFGRIP edit from July 2010.

Tate Roskelley I.D.

Check out some rad photos of Tate over on Volume.

Biz I.D.

Biz has a rad I.D. feature up on the Volume site. Check it out!


Lil-D Volume Edit

Click below to check out a new Lil-D Volume edit, and HERE for a photo feature and Q&A.


Tate Roskelley – Volume Edit

Picture 65

Since this has already been posted on thecomeup every bmxer’s cat’s goldfish will probably have seen it by now, but this is so good it warrants a post here too. Tate Roskelley must have one hell of a unique and creative mind judging by all the edits and sections he’s put out so far. He has a way of making typical spots look so fun and limitless, and doing so in a manner that is his and only his. Definitely a brilliant and refreshing section! Check it out after the jump.



Volume Bikes – Brian Castillo Day in the Life from VOLUME/DEMOLITION on Vimeo.

I just got my first ever email from Kris Bennett regarding the above “Day in the Life” with Brian Castillo.


Volume Catalog

For those of you who haven’t seen it, you can check out Volume’s 09 catalog “Gypsy” on their website. Rather than just throwing up the pdf, they put together a nice HTML version for your viewing pleasure. I’m real psyched on how the whole project turned out, and make sure you check out the curb dogs section. So good!

Check out Volume’s Gipsy catalog here.

Jason Enns I.D.

Since my last post started some heated conversation about who steels more content, I thought I’d steel some content from The Come Up and post a link to this rad photo feature of Jason Enns on the Volume site. There are some awesome riding shots along with some cool lifestyle stuff.

Check out Janson Enns I.D. here.