Vincent Laforet’s Gear

If you are into camera gear, like I am, then you’ll be into this update on Vincent Laforet’s site. Along with a video of a HDDLSR setup he used on a recent shoot, there’s a big updated gear section on his site breaking down all the gear he uses, what he uses it for, along with some pros and cons. For someone like me who has one SLR and a few lenses, this is pretty mind blowing to see all the stuff that he uses (and I believe he owns most of his gear), but it’s pretty cool to get an inside look into the gear of a top professional.


Tim Mantoani – Behind Photographs

Behind Photographs is an amazing photo series I came across vis Vincent Laforet’s blog. Shot on a 20×24 Polaroid camera, Tim Mantoani captures the men and women behind some of the most iconic photos of our time.


Vincent Laforet


Photographer Vincent Laforet has been working on a project with surfer Jamie O’Brian and has been blogging like crazy about the whole thing. He has some amazing behind the scenes videos, as well as some beautiful clips from the project. He always goes into great detail on what ever he is blogging about and it really gives you a good look into the professional life of a world class photographer. He is always working with crazy gear and this project is no exception. The setup he has with the RED camera is just nuts… And the RC helicopter with the camera is so rad. I’m not really one that has the knowledge to go into detail about all the stuff, so you should just go to his site and see for your self.

Check it all out on his blog.