MacNeil 100 Vimeo Videos

MacNeil just hit their 100th upload on their Vimeo account and to¬†celebrate, put this compolation edit together with one clip from every edit. There are some gems in there including Jay Miron surfing on a 26″ cruiser. Enjoy!

Vimeo Couch Mode

I just got done poking around Vimeo Couch Mode, which Vimeo just launched today.

As the name implies, Couch Mode allows you to watch Vimeo on your TV while chilling on your couch (or any other seat I presume). One major thing though, is that you need Google TV, which I don’t have or know anyone who does. Otherwise, you are stuck to the desktop version, which isn’t that bad.

From Vimeo:
Couch Mode is optimized for Google TV and will be available in the Spotlight section soon. Don’t have a Google TV? No worries, Couch Mode will work on your desktop too. However, we use a lot of HTML5 and CSS3 technology for this (no Flash!), so at the moment it will only work on Chrome and Safari.

Click HERE to check out a sample video. From there (if you have a vimeo account), you can go to “my videos” and check out your stuff bigger and sweeter.

After first inspection, this seems pretty cool, but I don’t really spend all that much time on Vimeo for this to make me do naked cartwheels down the street. This does seem to be a cool function though.

Honda Insight Commercial

Honda Insight Commercial

Check out this incredible use of a Vimeo page for the Honda Insight Commercial. Make sure to make it to the end to catch the lens flare. What does everyone think of the Vimeo/Honda collab and the fact that Vimeo let them take over their whole page? Is this the start of a new trend?

Check out the commercial here.


According to Crandall (seen above right), FBM have uploaded a bunch of goodies onto their new Vimeo page.

Check it out!!