Q&A: Christian Rigal / BMX-MTB

Photo – Anthony Smith

I’ll start off by saying that I love Christian Rigal’s Still United part. I suggest giving that a watch for sure. Having known Christian as a serious rail slayer has made his recent transition into MTB all the more interesting to me. How did this happen? Either way, I’m stoked that he’s stoked.

Click below for a Q&A with Christian about his transition into MTB. Don’t worry, he’s still stoked on BMX.

Photos courtesy of Trevor Lyden , Anthony Smith and Brandon Means.


Who The Hell is Veesh?

Derrick Busch pic

Veesh. You’ve probably seen the name out there in BMX land. Perhaps you’re a fan of the YAWN video and enjoy his edits without even knowing he did them.

Who the Hell is Veesh?

Well, click below to find out.