Skier Jay Video

To go along with Skier Jay’s interview he sent us a rad video montage of his work. If you missed Skier’s interview check it out here and to see more of his work you check check out his site –

TJD Defgrip Exclusive

The TJD guys hooked us up with an exclusive trailer for their video that will be out in the summer. Check out what they had to say about the clips.

“TJD is excited to work with Defgrip to showcase a freestyle video. It is meant to bring fun back into bmx while showcasing some rad riding. It features some well established names along with some under the radar riders. TJD isn’t serious, it’s about having fun with your friends on that common link called a bike but some of the riding produced tends to be serious. TJD is psyched to just ride and have fun, with a camera in hand to capture the moments and share them with all of you to spread the good vibes. Hope you all enjoy the trailer as much as we had fun filming for it, on and off the bikes.”  -Jeff DuPaul

Channel Four Down Vol. 1


Fourdown Distro has compiled all of their 2008 videos, done some re-edits and packaged the whole thing together for their Vol. 1 DVD that is avalible now. They have a rad trailer on their site with some beautiful HD footage. Keep an eye out for the DVD and check out the trailer after the jump.


One Question

This has been floating around the web, but it’s to good not to post. Fifty People One Question is a project based on the idea of going to one place, asking 50 people the same question, and filming their responses. There are four videos so far, two in New York, one in London, and the one above from New Orleans. There is so much emotion and human interaction with these pieces. Within a few seconds, you can really tell how each person is feeling and it’s very interesting to hear all the different responses. I also really liked how all the videos follow the same direction, but each are very different in their own right. You will definitely not get bored watching all four.

Check out the rest of the videos after the jump – READ MORE

Simpel Video Portraits

Risto from Simpel Sessions just sent over this edit. “Here’s a short video of most riders mugshots at Simpel Session 09. We used these 360degree shots in the rider runs/introduction/scores in our live screencast and webcast. And thought it would look pretty cool as a one edit too.”

Simpel Sessions has a bunch of other rad videos on their Vimeo page including TV commercials, timelapses of their course being built, lots or riding footage and a bunch of fun interviews. Check it out here!

Front St. on Vimby


Vimby just did a piece on Front St. and Geroge K in New York. Check it out here.

Defgrip Original – Greyboy



Nick Ferreira on Vimby


Today must be Nick’s day because right after I posted the interview with him, Jordan from Vimby hit me up with a link to a rad video Vimby did on Nick. Nick actually just got a job as the online editor for their action sports blog. Nick says he still has to come up with a name for it, but with Nick behind it, you know it will be dope!

Check out the video with Nick after the jump – READ MORE

Wallpaper TV


Wallpaper just apparently launched a new “TV” section to their website today (although it looks like some of the videos have been up for a while) . The first few videos are from their Design Awards, featuring Stefano Pilati, Kanye West, Mark Newson, and Jean Nouvel. I was hoping for a bit more substance to the pieces, but they are still pretty fun to watch. They are basically a behind the scenes look into the magazine photoshoot with a few words from each guy at the end. It will be interesting to see what comes of the section and there are a few other videos up there including some good stuff with Dieter Rams.

Check out Wallpaper TV here.


Etnies went ahead and put each part of Grounded online for your viewing pleasure.

You can check out Josh Stricker below, or all of them HERE.


Moving Photos

I was just talking to someone about tilt shift videos the other day and how amazing they were, but I couldn’t remember where I saw them… As I was going to sleep, I came across these amazing examples on the ISO50 blog. The videos are from photographer Keith Loutit and definitely kept me up much longer than I wanted. My favorite is the “Metal Heart” video from the monster truck show… The colors are amazing and looking at this event through the tilt shit lens makes the whole thing extremely toyish… Monster trucks and tilt shift, each on their own, are very toyish, but putting them together creates an amazing result. There are a few other beach videos that are definitely worth a watch and I didn’t even bother embedding the rest of them, because you need to go to Keith Loutit’s Vimeo page and watch them in HD… I also posted some screen shots after the jump!


Japan in Photos

Japan is on the tip-top of yet to experience travel destinations for me, and this video just makes me want to go there even more. I came across it on Wejetset, which has some amazing travel content in their Magazine. The video above is from a guy name Eric Testroete and you can check out all the photos in individual form on his flickr page.

Will Stroud Reel

I saw this on The Come Up a few days ago, but it’s to good to not re-post. This is a montage of Will Stroud’s recent work. Definitely worth a few minutes of your day!

Commercial by Build


Graphic designer Michal C. Place of Build is featured in this pretty rad commercial for some white out pens… As I was watching this, I was just picturing how cool it would be to have a huge warehouse space like that… I was also thinking how weird it was he was using whiteout pens… I had no idea what the video was for, but once it ended it all made sense… The website is pretty bad, but the video is dope. Via: Surfstation

Click here to check out the video.


EXPN posted a Jimmy Levan video that Dean Dickinson put together, where he talks about various topics.

Click below to check it out.

Pic from Metal Bikes.