The Demolition crew have just about wrapped up filming for their latest project, Last Chance. It’s all being put together now, and a premier is roughly scheduled for sometime in April.

Considering the team and the amount of time that’s been put into this project, I figured it would be cool reach out to main dudes with parts and get their take on working on the video.

I asked them all one simple question:
What comes to mind from your time filming for this video and the sessions?

Click below to check it out.

Please note, there’s plenty more riders featured in split parts and mix sections.

Thanks to Joey Cobbs, Brian Castillo and Chris Long for the pics and help.


Brian Kachinsky/Passport 2011 Promo

This is the latest from Brian Kachinsky and DK Bicycles, a promo video for his signature Passport frame. Kachinsky goes hard!

Johnny Elia

Johnny Elia, who has done a lot of great videos for Ride UK has a new motion real online featuring a bunch of rad motion work that he’s done over the past year. Check it out after the jump as well as on his site – eliaco.com


Austin Church Gap Recall

This is true BMX history right here-Jimmy Levan getting the church gap in Austin, Texas done, over a decade ago. In true Props fashion, this isn’t just the segment from Road Fools 1 put online, it’s a re-edited version with a ton of footage nobody has seen before. Respect!

Alex Magallan Sunday Video

Alex Magallan: Emerald Video from Sunday Bikes

Sunday built up some hype over the weekend on Twitter for this new edit from Alex Magellan, and it was more than worth the wait. Check it out above, the production is as on point as Alex’s riding.

Matthias Dandois/Vans Video

I’ll be the first to admit that my flatland knowledge is incredibly limited, but style, flow, and originality on a BMX bike are instantly apparent in a rider of any discipline. I’m into anything Matthias Dandois puts out, and his new edit for Vans is on point.

Jason Last

Check out some dark videos and short films from Jason Last. Credited as a Creative Consultant on Kanye’s film Runaway, Jason Last has a bunch of interesting fashion based shorts with great cinematography as well as post production.


Vincent Laforet’s Gear

If you are into camera gear, like I am, then you’ll be into this update on Vincent Laforet’s site. Along with a video of a HDDLSR setup he used on a recent shoot, there’s a big updated gear section on his site breaking down all the gear he uses, what he uses it for, along with some pros and cons. For someone like me who has one SLR and a few lenses, this is pretty mind blowing to see all the stuff that he uses (and I believe he owns most of his gear), but it’s pretty cool to get an inside look into the gear of a top professional.


BMX Video Feed

BMX Feed just got sweeter.

Similar to Devour (below), Jason at BMX Feed recently dropped a video aggregator section for their site, which is automated and sans advertisements. Basically its a collection of popular videos broken down weekly, which is a good way to catch up on things you may have missed.

Check it out HERE.

Let’s Get Mystical Now Online

If you have not seen Mutiny’s Let’s Get Mystical video, shame on you and you are in luck!

They have gone ahead and put the video online for your viewing pleasure. I embedded the outro as that is always a fun part of the video for me, but if you click HERE, you can check out the rest.

Drew Bezanzon On Shadow Pro

Drew Bezanzon is the newest member of The Shadow Conspiracy pro team, and he’s also more and more unreal on a bike each time new footage of him hits the internet. Check out his introductory video after the jump.


One Forty Plus

I don’t know much about John Mayer or his music, but I do know he’s got a pretty rad Tumblr page going, where he has been posting some of his own photos and videos. Out of the thing’s I do know, one of them is that he’s into photography and is actually a pretty decent photographer. Shooting with a Leica M9 and a Canon 5D the photos on the site give you a little glimpse into John Mayer’s life. What prompted this post though, was a “A Life in The Day” video he shot on his 5D. “A mostly first-person chronicle of the day’s events leading up to a performance in Wollongong, Australia”.


Macneil-Greg Flag Welcome Edit

Macneil announced that Greg Flag is now a part of the team, and released this introductory edit at the same time. According to the news entry, this whole thing was filmed over the course of two evenings in Montreal, and it’s scary good. Check it out after the jump; you don’t want to miss this one.



Wanna see the new Animal video? Click below for all the premiere info.


This Los Angeles Video

Jordan Malama from Say Mayday hit me up with a link to a promo video they put together for the first opening of This Los Angeles. We posted about the show last week, so check out all the info here and keep reading to see the video!