Late night internet binging lead me to hear about and naturally watch Jackson Casey’s Boyish video. The filming is great, the editing is perfect, and the aesthetic/visuals are eclectic yet consistent from beginning to end. If you’re into Jackson’s style, he made a pretty awesome follow up to it called Worship Friendship that you can take a look at on his YouTube channelor pick up a copy of the DVD on their website.

Just Cuz…

The Price is Wrong

Even Bob Barker is psyched.


G.U.T.I. – Assorted Facts

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Unless you’ve been living under a pile of roses, than you should be aware that Subrosa’s Get Used To It video is available now. Featuring Hoang Tran, Lahsaan Kobza, Simone Barraco, Joris Coulomb, Mark Mulville, Kyle Hart  and Scott Ditchburn (and many others), naturally makes this one to feast your eyeballs on.

The DVD is available in shops and mail orders now, along in digital download form HERE.

I hit up Ryan Sher to compile a list of assorted GUTI facts, so click below to check them out.


I Stand Corrected

With Vampire Weekend getting ready to release a new album, I’ve been revisiting their previous material, wearing more plaids and trying to apply to Ivy League colleges. ALSO! I’ve revisited the video part that introduced me to Vampire Weekend in the first place; Dan Cox in Tomorrow We Work. I loved Dan’s part and this video as a whole, so check it out again.

Shout out to Joe Cox.

Click below for Vampire Weekend’s new video for “Step”.


Cool Story Bro

Stoked about this series. Cool Story Bro is a project from Mutiny showing their team riders on and off their bikes.. They kick off the fist one with Robbo. Check it!

Why Empire’s Bad Idea Works For Me.

It seems like just yesterday that Tom from Empire was berating (playfully more or less) Dave Parrick on Twitter for the delays on wrapping up Bad Idea. That berating seemed to go on forever, was comical and whether Empire knew it or not, it turned into somewhat of a natural built in marketing plan for the video. Well, It’s finally here. I purchased my copy a week or so ago.

In a nutshell:
Great riding + Dave Parrick’s touch + Surprising/adventurous Soundtrack = Bad Idea

Going on and on about the cast of riders in this video would be a waste of your time, because you should already be familiar with how uniquely talented they all are. Tom Smith is the only exception to this as he is somewhat unknown, but is certainly a nice addition. Everyone shines.

Where this video becomes uber-enjoyable for me, is through Dave’s editing and the music selection. I am actually in AWE of the music chosen for this video and how well each song works with each respective part. There are certain songs that you think would never work in a BMX video, that totally end up working in Bad Idea. There are no far reaching obscure songs or “flavor of the moment” acts, just timeless music that most of you will surely know. I am not going to rattle off any bands, you will have to get the video to find out or scour the internets. Perhaps my musical tastes just match well with whoever chose music, but the formula is a good one.

As for Dave, what can I say? If he had to spend the last 2171475 years making sure the riding, editing and music was in perfect harmony, than I’d say it was all worth it. Not too long, not too short, easily watchable. Good job.

Pick up Bad Idea if you like owning classics.


The Making of Making

Don’t know too much about this project, but I’m really into the video that Wieden + Kennedy created for this Nike campaign. The sound design is beyond incredible.

Orchid Footwork In Full

“Footwork”, a bmx video presented by Orchid Footwear. Filmed by Ryan Navazio, edited by Derek Adams, visual fx by Josh Clancy.

Starring Brian Hunt, Wiz, Brian Histand, Dave Krone, Micky Marshall, Dan Conway, Randy Brown, Van Homan, Niki Croft, and friends.

Filmed around eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Originally released on DVD in April 2011. Running time 20 minutes.