Feel My Chest Muscles


Sometimes its the un-hyped little projects that come out of nowhere that are the most enjoyable. Such is the case with the video above. Clint Reynolds hooked me up with a hand stenciled copy he had just burned on his computer around New Years and I was pleasantly surprised.

This easy going collection of bad-assery is a must for any trail dudes out there, or fans of good BMX fun. The Credence dudes are awesome. Click below for a teaser they just released and search this out at bike shops.


The Automatically Embeded “FIENDING” Video

Fact. I embeded this without even watching it first and I do so with the utmost confidence. I’m still in my boxers because I got up to post this first thing after checking Instagram in bed. Will proceed with morning rituals then watch.

UPDATE – I’m dead.

The Gonz Cruising BMX in NYC

Did you know that The Gonz rides a Sunday cruiser spot to spot to skate New York City? Me either. Press play on the video above and take a look at one of skateboarding’s pioneers launching off garbage piles, doing skids, and bunnyhopping off curbs, all with a skateboard stuck to his bars.

Get psyched for the Markit video.

You know you’re looking forward to the Markit video. This promo features clips that are not in the video, so get to Texas Toast Jam for the premiere.

Cool Story Bro

All of Mutiny’s individual Cool Story Bro pieces have led up to this final video. 17 minutes of Mutiny action featuring Robbo, Matt Roe, Josh Bedford, Justin Simpson, Brandon Hoerres, Grant Castelluzzo and more.

Sit back, relax and get into it.

Just Cuz…

LOOK. AT. THOSE. GRAPHICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just Cuz…

It's all fun and games until a dog grabs your leg.


Chocolate Truck

chocolate truck, bmx, video, dvd

Every once in a while it’s good to go into a new BMX video with no preconceived notions. Often times you have a certain level of expectation with any project, especially if the brand/crew/riders are super well known. I went into the Chocolate Truck video with pure curiosity. It was almost like getting a random album and hoping for the best.

I knew this video would be street based (East Coast style), but that’s about it. I know very little about the crew. I had seen some positive chatter through social media about the video, so it stayed on my radar. By chance, I happened to fall in contact with Matt Miller recently and he offered to send me a copy of his video. I love when shit works out.

Long story short, I watched this video front to back and loved it after the first go. It was easy and fun to watch. Chocolate Truck is a video that doesn’t take itself too serious, but isn’t a joke either. Far from it. It feels exactly like if you and your friends filmed your sessions and put out a video, only with better riding and some production know-how. Speaking of, a huge thank you to Matt Miller (and company) for choosing a brave/eclectic/smart soundtrack. I’m sure this video could have been drenched in modern rap music (pardon the cliche), but it’s not. The final outcome gives it a more timeless quality in my eyes. I love being surprised by music selection and this video kept me on my toes. Cheers for that!

I never set out to write video reviews (or whatever you would call this post), but all this came natural. Solid video right here, put out by everyday riders.

Shout out to Matt Miller and the Chocolate Truck crew. Pick up a copy of the video HERE if you can’t find it elsewhere.

Instagram adds video

People will be pissed. People will be psyched. I think I’m psyched. Fuck a Vine.

More info HERE.