Darryl Tocco's Favorite Videos/Parts

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Darryl Tocco is no stranger to the video game. He rides in them and produces them as well. With all the work he's put in, I'm definitely curious to hear his opinions. With that said, I hit him up to speak on some of his favorite videos and parts.

Click below to see what he chose.


Will Stroud’s Favorite Video Parts

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Will Stroud has been putting in work behind a video camera for many years now. He’s a staple in our scene and an absolute professional. I know because I’ve dealt with him first hand. He even provided me with direct links to each video part for this feature for crying out loud. Professional.

Anyway, instead of picking Will’s brain about video cameras and videography, I decided to find out what some of his all time favorite BMX videos & video parts are from a fan/viewer standpoint.

Click below to check that out.