New Dak shit. Me like. Shouts to Veesh.

Almost on this date last year…


November 14 to be exact. We posted our “Who The Hell is Veesh?” Q&A. Check that out HERE.

Premiere: Cult / Trey Jones Sessions

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I’ve always enjoyed Trey Jones’ brand of riding, which is why I’m extra stoked to premiere this edit. Trey’s energetic and he’s not scared to send it…. I like that combo.

Thanks to Robbie and Veesh for hooking this up.

Click below to check out the edit.


Photogallery: Cult So.Cal to Vegas

cult, bmx, gallery, trey jones pics

The Cult dudes recently took a trip from Southern California to Vegas. Trey Jones was one of the dudes along for the ride and with him, some cameras. Click below to check out an assortment of pics by Trey from the trip featuring Chase Hawk, Alex Kennedy, Chase Dehart, Bobby Simmons, Dakota Roche and more…

Check back on Friday for a Sessions edit featuring Trey Jones as well.


Russ Barone / Los Angeles

Here’s Russ cruising LA with VEESH in tow. Good combo. Eyeball the irieness.

The Flat Rail Heaven Spot

Veesh is back with some new So. Cal treats.

Who The Hell is Veesh?

Derrick Busch pic

Veesh. You’ve probably seen the name out there in BMX land. Perhaps you’re a fan of the YAWN video and enjoy his edits without even knowing he did them.

Who the Hell is Veesh?

Well, click below to find out.


YAWN Promo

Here’s a promo for the YAWN video, which will be premiering at Ryan Fudger’s house Nora Cup. Lots of good young shredders up in here!

Shout out to Veesh.