I recently approached Van about doing a Q&A about his move to Japan. After all, that is a pretty big life change and interesting thing to discuss. He was down, but also mentioned that he was doing something similar for DIG BMX (which you can read HERE) already. All good.

I still think this topic is interesting and wanted to do something with Van, so I came up with this “1 Through 10” questionnaire thing to tackle this in a different format. Click below to check it out.



Back in 2011 we featured a bunch of rad goodies from Van Homan’s personal archives (23 in total). Everything from photos, frame sketches, cease and desist letters to hospital wrist bands, along with great info on it all from Van himself.

Click HERE to check it out again or even for the first time!

Van Homan Trusts His Woman With a BB Gun

Fun watch.

Filmed/Edited by Ryan Scott.

Van Homan in China

Here’s Van’s account of his recent trip to Dallas China. Well done and enjoyable.

Filmed & Edited by Stew Johnson

VAN HOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some new shit from one of the best to ever do it.

Filmed & edited by
Will Stroud

Additional filming by
Corey Martinez

Photography by
Zack Roberts

The Van Homan Archives

The journey of a professional bike rider is not limited to just riding. Sure, the riding part is very important, but there is a whole lot more that comes along with it. There are highs, lows, great memories, friendships and a wide array of experiences in between.

I was recently flipping through an old Ride BMX mag and caught a glimpse of Van Homan shooting photos in the background. This set off a light bulb in my head and lead me to think that Van must have some amazing stuff in his archives, considering he was into photography at one point. So, I hit Van up to inquire about all this along with the possibility of running a feature. He said he would look around and get back to me. Sweet!

A few days later, Van called me up and said that he had come across some cool photos, in addition to a whole bunch of random things from his past. He offered to send me a package of stuff (yes, actual prints and personal belongings), and I said hell yeah! I busted out my scanner for the first time in Defgrip history and went to work.

In this feature, you will see a bunch of old photos that Van has taken, as well as some cool random stuff from his legendary career. Definitely a trip down memory lane.

A special thanks goes out to Van Homan for putting this together, writing captions and having the foresight to save some of this stuff.

Click below and enjoy.


Baker’s Dozen: Van Homan

Van Homan will save us.

Preheating: Van Homan

Edit coming on the 6th.

Photogallery: Out & About w/ Gsport

Yesterday I met up with Dave Thompson, Van Homan, Garrett Reeves, Randy Brown and Andrew Jackson, who are in Cali filming for an upcoming G-Sport Props segment. Stew Johnson was manning the camera and Andrew White was getting all the proper action shots for DIG.

I met up with the dudes at the hotel they were staying at, and then we proceeded to bounce around various spots in L.A. A bunch of good stuff went down.

As always, I snapped some photos throughout the day, so click below to check them out.


Print Ad: Fit Bikes

Fit sent through their latest ad from Ride US. Classic!

Click below to check it out. Shouts to Jeff Z.


Print Ad: Fit Bikes

Click below to check out the full Fit Bikes ad.


Duo Print Ad – Homan / Cranmer Edit

2 for 1.

Click below to check out a new DUO print ad, as well as an edit featuring Van Homan and Scotty Cranmer.


Random Twitpic: Van Homan

I’ve been getting my trail fix on this spring. -Van

Via – @fitbikeco

Van Homan Interview

The Least Most and new BMX site focusing on original content has a great interview up with Van Homan. So far, only part 1 of 3 is online and there are some epic old Van photos to go with it. I’m super excited to see more from The Least Most and if this interview is any indication of the quality of content they are going to put out, we are in for a great ride!

Check out the Van Homan interview here.


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Van Homan sent through a statement regarding the recent changes with Fit Bikes. Click below to check that out.