KILLJOY Trailer & Q&A

Damn, this is sick. The Utah crew (and the creators of THAT’S IT) are about to drop a new one called KILLJOY, which will feature:

Cameron Wood
Dave Thompson
Rob Wise
Tate Roskelley
Matt Beringer
Mike Aitken

Check the trailer above and click below for a Q&A about it with Jordan Utley.



Check out Salt Lake City’s Cam Wood doing his thing.

Thanks Dean!!


Skier J casually mentioned this site that he is helping Chuck Fallon with, called Sunsets and Sodas.

They have a rad interview with Matt Beringer up now too, so check it out.

FYI: That slide is fairly difficult to get out of with good speed.


Check out a few random photos of the people, places and details from my recent trip to Utah.

I had mentioned how Cam Wood and the Tanner locals decorated the trails, and you will see some of that, as well as some costumes and stuff from Beringer’s.

Utah is a sweet place to visit.

Check out the photos HERE.


I just got back from Utah, where Jim Bauer and I went to hit up the Mike Aitken Tanner jam to help support the cause.

The 50/50 crew and Tanner locals did an unreal job putting on the jam, and decorating the trails with pumpkins and Halloween stuff. I can only imagine how long it took to lug all those pumpkins down to where the trails are. Good job guys!!! Riders showed up and shredded in costumes too. Check out Skier J’s Flickr page for a few pics. 

All in all, over $5,200 was raised to help Mike, which ain’t bad at all. A bunch of good stuff got raffled off, and a lot of people left happy. After riding, Jim and I were able to pay Mike a quick visit, where we received some promising news from his family, which you can read about on the Mike Aitken site. He was resting at the time, but everyone was pretty positive after the progress of the day.

If you are able to donate and help Mike, please visit the 50/50 site.