United SS11 Softgoods

United just dropped some new softgoods. Eyeball them HERE.

United 2011 Completes

United has posted their 2011 complete bikes on their website as well as a rad catalog for their completes. Check out the bikes here, the catalog here, and keep reading to check out a bit of both…


Rooftop on United

Rooftop has joined the United team and put together a sweet “welcome to the team edit”. Stoked Rooftop is on United and I’m also stoked on that Walter Pieringer photo above!


United in Hawaii Exclusive

United Bike Co. took a trip to Hawaii a few weeks back and just hooked us up with an exclusive edit and photogallery from the trip! Keep reading for all the goods!!


United Bike Co in Hawaii

United Bike Co. just finished up what looks like an amazing trip to Hawaii. They updated their Facebook page with a bunch of photos during the trip and when you are sitting at a computer all day when it’s 40ยบ (I know it’s not that cold, but you get the idea) outside, the photos really made me want to jump on the first flight to Hawaii and put some time in at the beach!


Ashley Charles on United

Ashley Charles has just joined the United Pro team and to welcome him aboard United put together a great exclusive edit on The Come Up with Ashley. You can check out the United edit here and keep reading for an Eclat edit from Ashley that was online last week.


Nathan WIlliams Mothership

nathan williams mothership signature frame

Nathan Williams has a new signature frame out with United! His frame is called the Mothership and rather than focusing on making the frame the lightest frame on the market, they focused on a good relationship between strength and weight. With the way Nathan rides, as you can see from the dope poster after the jump, he needs a setup that will stand up to massive 12 stair out-rail drops.

Keep reading to check out the full poster and photo of Nathan’s new frame – READ MORE

United 2010 Completes

united bikes 2010 completes

Today must be new product day because United just sent over a new ad as well as a heads up that they have all their 2010 bikes on their site.


United in OZ

We’ll keep the video posts rolling with a nice quick video from the United crew. They are on a trip in Australia right now and just posted this session at an indoor park. Check it on Vimeo for HD! Also make sure to check out the photo of the day feature on their site where they’ll be posting, you guessed it, a photo every day from their trip!

United 09

United just dropped their 2009 products. There is the all new Trinity HT Frame, Squad 2009 Frame, Revised 40HT Frame, plus new colors in all our Sprockets, Hubguards, Grips and Pivotal Slim seats..

Check out all the new United stuff here.