Google Maps Alphabet


Check out a rad project Rhett Dashwood put together with buildings, landscapes, roads, bodies of water, etc. from Google Maps. I can only imagine how much time was spent searching for all the letters (via booooooom).

Check out the Google Maps Alphabet here.


Letman typography

We posted this video of Letman and his son nephew drawing each letter of the alphabet the other day and I thought I’d re-post some more of his work. We actual had post about Letman years ago, but it never hurts to revisit!

Check out a bunch of Letman’s work after the jump – READ MORE



The video after the jump documents two different people drawing the alphabet and it got me super stoked.  I think it has to do with a few things… One, seeing the typography guy (dad) write some amazing letters. Two, the enjoyment I got out of how care-free the kid was when it came to his letters. And three, the fact that I was working on similar stuff all day… (via Yimmys Yayo)

Check out the video after the jump – READ MORE

Kevin Lyons


If you can make it through the broken links, you’ll find some awesome images and great work on Kevin Lyons site. Just make sure you don’t miss the studio section.

Check out Kevin Lyons work here.

Font or Typeface

I’ve had this conversation many times with my friends and for everyone that is into design and type, this is a great blog entry to check out. It talks about the use of the word typeface vs. the word font and definitely puts a good explanation out there.

“When you talk about how much you like a tune, you don’t say: “That’s a great MP3”; you say: “That’s a great song”. An MP3 is the delivery mechanism, not the creative work, just as a font is the delivery mechanism, and a typeface is the creative work.”

Check out the post on the Font Shop Blog.