Q&A: Calvin Kosovich / VANS SHIMMER

Calvin Kosovich has been working on a new mixtape video for Vans entitled Shimmer. It will go live online July 10th and feature 14 minutes of the Vans street crew.

We reached out to Calvin to learn more about the project, so click below for a Q&A along with some disposable camera snaps from the recent SF filming trip.



2019 marks 5 years since the FIENDING video dropped. When I first posted the video on here, I did so without even watching it first. Ya just knew it was gonna be solid.

It’s always cool to slow things down a bit sometimes and look back, so click below for some FIENDING era photos courtesy of Kevin Conners. Full video embedded as well.


Opinions: Deciphering Web “edits”, “videos”, “parts” etc…

When our friends at Ride BMX released word about the new NORA CUP for “web video part”, it sparked a discussion within the OTX office regarding the difference between web “videos”, web “edits”, web “video parts”, promos, what should be considered what and if there’s even a difference at all. I’ve seen lots of opinions regarding BMX on the web over the years, so I figured this would be a fun topic to delve into.

With that said, I hit up a handful of riders, videographers and industry folk to ask them the following:

In your opinion…

Is there a difference between a “web video” and a “web edit”? If so, describe how the terminology differs?

Should something labeled “web video part” be part of a full video, or can it be a standalone thing?

If a rider releases a new solo 2 minute (or so) collection of kick ass footage online, you would classify this as a…?

If someone releases a “one night at House park with the homies” thing, you would classify this as a…?

If a full length video that’s been in the works for 2 years, has proper art direction and production value is released FREE online, is it considered a “web video” or just a “video”?
What would you describe Fiend’s “FIENDING” as?

Does a projects method of distribution (physical DVD or online) affect your opinion?

Can product promos that feature great riding mixed with product info and images also be considered web edit/video/parts? Or are they just “promos”?

Click below to see what Ryan Fudger, Will Stroud, Mark Burnett, Darryl Tocco, Dakota Roche, Charlie Crumlish, Ty Morrow, Jake Seeley, Francis Castro, Mike Mastroni and Ryan Navazio had to say. Throughout the peice, new designations pop up, opinions differ and uncertainty lingers among some. Pretty interesting.


Standard Definition Saturday?

I know everyone (myself included) is waiting anxiously to see Garrett Reynolds’ section in Deadline (which premieres next weekend), but I’m really waiting to see what Ty Morrow’s been stacking up during the past few years. This is my favorite Tymoe section to date from The Trip promo–the riding, the music and the production are just raw.

Luh me some Ty Mo…

Ride 181

More info HERE.

Disposed: Cinema X Fiend in Tulsa

Here’s a Disposed from the recent Cinema X Fiend trip to Tulsa courtesy of Kevin Connors, Will Stroud, Ty Morrow, Garrett Reynolds, JJ Palmere,  Chase DeHart & Drew York.

Edit dropping on Monday (11/28), so be sure to check the Cinema or Fiend sites for that… or here too.


Disposed: Fiend

The Fiend crew hit up Boston to film for their first promo and came through with a Disposed for us. The Fiend promo and website will drop this friday, so check back for that.

Thanks to Kevin Conners and everyone involved. Click below to check out the pics and an intro from Garrett.


Print Ad: Shadow Conspiracy

Click below to check out the latest Shadow print ad.


Federal in San Diego

Features Ty Morrow, Jared Washington and Bruno Hoffmann. WATCH IT!

Nike Standby: USA Edit

Here’s the 3rd place edit. Featuring Dennis Enarson, Ty Morrow, Rob Wise & Shane Weston. Filmed by Stew Johnson and Christian Rigal. HOT DAMN!!!

Click below to check that out.


Josh and Ty in China

Stoked on this video of Josh Harrington and Ty Morrow in China. There’s a bunch of clips of them riding the new Woodward as well as some fun random stuff of them walking around and exploring. (via TCU)


Ty & Lacey & Barcelona.

dan lacey, bmx, federal

Anytime the words Dan Lacey and Ty Morrow show up in my inbox, I know it’s gonna be good. This is no exception. Click below to check it out.

Filmed during a 4 day Barcelona trip by Charlie Jobling and Sebastian Keep.
Edited by – Edd Allen



Federal have a new re-designed site up, which you can check out HERE. This is a perfect excuse to re-post the above edit. So good.

Thanks to Chris Harrison for the heads up.

TY MORROW / dan lacey

ty morrow

Federal welcome Ty Morrow to the team. Click below to check out the web edit, which also features Dan Lacey. Dudes are good.

Thanks to Federal for the heads up.