Tumblr: Ryan Fudger

Ryan Fudger done got him a Tumblr in place of his portfolio site. Original photos only too. That means less photos you’ll never know the origin or creator of and more RYAN FUDGER!


Easy On The Extras

Easy On The Extras is a new image blog that you should bookmark ASAP. Brought to you by good friend and Defgrip contributor, Mike Ardelean, you’ll find a great mix of cars, clothes, and other awesome stuff… with a focus on the cars. Spending time on the site is making me want a car again so bad… I haven’t been paying much attention to cars since I’ve been living in New York for the past few years… Just wishing I had a brownstone in the West Village with a secrete garage that could house a collection of vintage Porches… One day… hahah… For now, check out Easy On The Extras!

Tumblr: Devon Hutchins

Devon Hutchins has started up a Tumblr as a way to share his photos easier. I like!!!

Devon hangs with a cool crew and is always in the mix, so if you're on Tumblr, FOLLOW DEVON.


30 Must-See Tumblr Blogs

If you get a lot of your info through Tumblr or just go there to see what people with too much time on their hands put together, than you will find this TIME article useful. This list features everything from politics to art to random stuff.

The photo above is from Awesome People Hanging out Together.

On a related note, check out our recent BMX TUMBLRS post.


Tech Spec

Tech Spec is my new favorite image blog… Like I said to Nuno this morning on iChat, it makes me want to buy a bunch of “gear”. Found via The Fox is Black.

What Tumblr’s Success Means For The Future Of Blogs, Twitter.

Fast Company posted a cool article entitled “What Tumblr’s Success Means For The Future Of Blogs, Twitter”.  Tumblr is gaining steam, and it will be interesting to see where it goes or how other platforms are affected by it. If you missed my Tumblr post from a few days ago, check it out HERE.

I stated in my post that “Tumblr is easy, free and kinda sits in between an actual site and Twitter“, and the FC article states “With its emphasis on short, pithy posts, and habitual use as a photo-publishing and social-sharing site, Tumblr posts are more closely related to Twitter feeds than professional, hefty, WordPress sites“.

2 very similar takes on it. What this basically means is that I’m as smart as the Editorial staff at Fast Company, if not smarter because my assessment came first. Yeah, I said it!!!! Take that, POW!!

BMX Tumblrs

Lately, it seems as if more and more people are setting up Tumblr pages within BMX. This is a good thing in my book. Anytime you can get a glimpse or behind-the-scenes view into someones life or personality is always a good thing (in most cases, haha…).

For those who are unfamiliar, Tumblr can be used as a blog, journal and/or a place to post photos and videos. For example, I use my Tumblr to auto update whenever I post something to my actual photo blog, which is a pretty useful feature and allows me to get my stuff out there a bit more. Someone might not check my personal site, but they will still see my stuff if I’m one of the people they are following on Tumblr (win/win). The “auto-update” feature gets sketchy at times and stops working, but ultimately it’s pretty cool.

A popular function of Tumblr is “re-blogging”, which is what a lot of sites on there are based around. If you like surfing for example, someone out there is “re-blogging” a million surf related photos for you to eyeball.Too much of this gets old quick, but there are some great ones out there depending on your interests.

Ultimately, Tumblr is cool, but I am still  deciding how I feel about it. THIS The Hundreds post has a good viewpoint on it all, which I agree with. I’d always prefer someone have their own  site, but I can understand if that is not feasible. Tumblr is easy, free and kinda sits in between an actual site and Twitter. You can email photos straight to it and there are a whole bunch of “themes” you can pick for your page. It’s up to you to make it what it is.

ALSO, please do yourself a favor and use a Tumblr page over a blogger/blogspot setup.

Below you will find a non-categorized list of BMX related Tumblrs from all kinds of notable people, which I have accumulated over a little while. I’m sure there are more  that I don’t know about, or more will pop up, so we will probably update this thing in a few months. Feel free to chime in in the comments.



Nomadic Buffoonery

Artist, designer, lady magnet, and stunt biker Travis Collier has a new tumblr going called Nomadic Buffoonery. It’s a great glimpse into the wonderful and strange things that Travis comes across in his life and I can’t wait to see more of the wild stuff he thinks up. Some of the pictures definitely caught me off guard on first glance, like this picture of a parking lot mammoth creature. Or the above one of the cat. What the hell is going on? And… where is that?

Also while on the subject of bmxers on tumblr, don’t forget to subscribe to another photo tumblr we at Defgrip thoroughly enjoy – De La Rosa.

Edwin De La Rosa / Tumblr

I’ve always thought that Edwin should have a photoblog of some sort, since I’m stoked on his stuff. Luckily, he shot me an email today about his Tumblr page, which is good enough for me. Follow Edwin De La Rosa on Tumblr.

While we are at it, Follow Harrison and Myself on Tumblr too.