Q&A: Tristan Afre & Zorah Olivia

Photo – Mia Bolton

Knowing that our boy Tristan “Gutstains” Afre was tight with photographer Zorah Olivia, I approached him about interviewing her for Defgrip. Pairing a BMX photographer with a skate photographer sounded interesting to me. Luckily they were both down!

Click below for the interview and some photos.


Autophoto: Tristan Afre

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Tristan who? Tristan Afre, AKA Gutstains. Same person and both shoot photos. This is the first Autophoto of 2014, so thanks to Guts for delivering the goods.

Click below to check out Tristan’s Autophoto and be sure to follow him on Instagram too.



Been digging Tristan Afre’s blog on The Come Up and couldn’t pass up posting this interview with the great Henri Cartier-Bresson. Go spend some time on Tristan’s blog and make sure to set aside an hour to watch this interview solely on the fact that you can never get too much Cartier-Bresson… Just listen to how Avedon praises him in the into. Amazing.

Tristan Afre @ Random

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