17 minutes with Dakota Roche, Alex Kennedy, Trey Jones, Andrew Castaneda and more. Get into it.


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Featuring Trey Jones, Colt Fake, Kenny Horton, Eric Holladay, Chris Childs and more. Be sure to eyeball the goods at Crack Dad. Shout out to Trey Jones.

Jones 3:16

Trey Jones has a signature frame from Cult…can I get a HELL YEAH!?! So psyched on this frame and especially the chainstay grind guards!!

Shadow Conspiracy Woodward Week

Last night as I was discussing this video with some people, I forgot that I forgot to fuckin post it. Out of all the woodward videos coming out this summer, this has been my favorite yet. Heavy crew or riders, also Simone and Ben can nose manual in and out of anything!!


Premiere: Cult / Trey Jones Sessions

cult, trey jones, sessions, edit, bmx

I’ve always enjoyed Trey Jones’ brand of riding, which is why I’m extra stoked to premiere this edit. Trey’s energetic and he’s not scared to send it…. I like that combo.

Thanks to Robbie and Veesh for hooking this up.

Click below to check out the edit.


Photogallery: Cult So.Cal to Vegas

cult, bmx, gallery, trey jones pics

The Cult dudes recently took a trip from Southern California to Vegas. Trey Jones was one of the dudes along for the ride and with him, some cameras. Click below to check out an assortment of pics by Trey from the trip featuring Chase Hawk, Alex Kennedy, Chase Dehart, Bobby Simmons, Dakota Roche and more…

Check back on Friday for a Sessions edit featuring Trey Jones as well.


One Last Session

Here’s one last session featuring Trey Jones and Rickey Bates.

Here is the last session that Trey and I were lucky enough to have with Rickey Bates before he passed away. It was unbearably hot but it didn’t matter, it was nothing but good friends, good times, and good tunes.



Trey Jones / Shadow

Trey Jones is now doing it for Shadow pro.

Shadow Park Edit

Shadow has a rad edit up from the Barachel Skatepark featuring Ryan Sher, Ben Hucke, and Trey Jones. Filmed and Edited by Ryan Chadwick. Check it out!

Print Ad: Shadow

Check out the latest print ad from Shadow featuring Trey Jones!