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Whenever I get a text or call from a rider coming through the L.A. area looking to shoot I make it a priority to link up and see what comes of it. I don’t always have a plan for photos, and it isn’t necessarily a priority to figure that out beforehand either. I have been fortunate enough to make some solid connections along the way over the years and that allows me the freedom to shoot and figure the details out later. I have also grown to love just letting things happen organically. I’ve worked in print long enough now to appreciate just going out to shoot and enjoying that experience for what it is and not always focusing on the end result. That is what happened in this case with Travis Collier. I met Travis years ago when I first moved to California and I’ve always appreciated him as a pro rider as well as an artist/designer. He’s played an important role in the flatland community and has offered his own style and take on riding for as long as I’ve known of him. We set out to meet up, shoot a few flicks and catch up for a bit as he was only passing through town on a trip. Here he is caught mid steamroller varial on the streets of Hollywood. This photo to me is a simple reminder that it is sometimes better to leave the plan at home and just see where you end up.

Travis Collier
Steamroller Varial
Hollywood, California

ISO 500
Canon 6D
Canon 70-200L
SanDisk Ultra 32GB memory card
Edited on a Macbook Pro
Using Adobe Lightoom & Photoshop CC 2015

– Jeremy Pavia

Be sure to check out Jeremy Pavia’s site right HERE.



We are excited to premier Travis Collier’s new clothing brand Wrathschild. Travis, who was co-creator of Fremont with Rich Hirsch has put this project together in a unique way, offering not only t-shirts, but prints and original art by Travis based off each graphic. Essentially you have the opportunity to own the original artwork, or a limited print of your favorite t-shirt. You can check out the full collection on the website – and make sure to follow the brand for new collections of one off items!


Interview: Clou Studio

Travis Collier and his friend Ryan Romero have started their own creative studio called Clou and we got together with them to talk about their studio, design, and their home town of Vancouver . Keep reading to check it out!


Clou Studio

This post is long overdue, but Travis Collier and his friend Ryan Romero started their own design agency a while back called CLOU and they were hired to do all the creative direction for The Cheaper Show, a huge art show in Vancouver. The video after the jump documents the process of printing the book for the show and has a great interview with Travis and Ryan. Check it out!


Nomadic Buffoonery

Artist, designer, lady magnet, and stunt biker Travis Collier has a new tumblr going called Nomadic Buffoonery. It’s a great glimpse into the wonderful and strange things that Travis comes across in his life and I can’t wait to see more of the wild stuff he thinks up. Some of the pictures definitely caught me off guard on first glance, like this picture of a parking lot mammoth creature. Or the above one of the cat. What the hell is going on? And… where is that?

Also while on the subject of bmxers on tumblr, don’t forget to subscribe to another photo tumblr we at Defgrip thoroughly enjoy – De La Rosa.

Fat / Travis

In keeping with the photography theme…

Fat Tony occasionally puts together “Behind The Photo” type posts for his blog, and he just put one up of a Travis Collier pic he took for his flatland calendar, which was one of my favorite ones in there.

These posts are usually in depth and pretty informative. Read about it HERE.

Travis Collier Defgrip Jackets

Travis Collier has been modifying and making custom clothes for as long as I’ve known him. The past few years, he’s gotten really into customizing military jackets, so we thought it would be really cool if he put together a few limited jackets for Defgrip! We have some available for sale on our online store now, so pick one up and keep reading to check out a bunch of photos shot by David Lang!!

I feel strongly about custom fit and detailing in clothing. So much so that I spend alot of time customizing my own wardrobe and accessories. These Defgrip jackets were a prime example of this. After creating one or two of my own, I received such a great response to the look and fit of them. So Defgrip and I decided to do a collaboration and make more. Each piece started as a vintage military fatigue, I then dyed, fitted and detailed each piece into an entirely different jacket.

– Travis Collier



Travis Collier riding

I love this edit of Travis Collier on the MacNeil site. Catch our boy David Lang in there too. I also like that Travis calls sidewalk curb cuts “corner ramps”.


Travis Collier Test Shots

Travis Collier by Harrison Boyce - Click to enlarge

Travis Collier, David Lang and I were out riding the other day and I threw together some clips I shot of Collier. The day started out with no intentions of filming an edit or anything, but the light was good, the spot was nice, and Collier was feeling it, so we banged out a few clips!


Travis Collier BMX Plus Cover

We are super stoked to see our good friend Travis Collier on the cover of BMX Plus! The photo was taken by Jeremy Pavia when Travis was in California a few weeks ago and it’s pretty cool because we have been working on a project with Travis that involves the jacket he is wearing… Check out the full cover after the jump and stay tuned to find out more about the jacket!


Travis Collier Commercial

Travis Collier just finished up a commercial for MacNeil that he was working on with filmer Mike McKinlay. The theme was riding in the city at night and they got to work with Tyler Weiss from Goldtooth Creative on the audio. It’s pretty dope because Goldtooth is a studio that did a large chunk of CG work for the movie District 9. If you are interested, you can check out some info about the studio here.


Factory Magazine


The first issue of Factory Magazine landed in my hands the other night and I was blown away! Factory is a self published magazine from Vancouver featuring a handful of Vancouver artists and photographers, including some familiar names like Travis Collier and Kyle Scully. Not only was I very impressed by the work featured in the first issue, the magazine design and layout is equally impressive as well as the size and paper stock it’s printed on. I’m not sure how you can get a hold of an actual issue, but make sure to check out the Factory website that showcases a bunch of work from the artists featured in issue 1.


Travis Collier Bike Check

david lang travis collier bike check

David Lang shot some amazing photos of Travis Collier’s bike for a bike check on the MacNeil site. Check out a few photos after the jump and click here for the full bike check.