Q&A: Brian Yeagle vs. Walter Pieringer

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Brian Yeagle has graciously contributed this travel based Q&A he did with Walter Pieringer, along with some photos that he’s taken throughout their travels together. There’s no doubt that Walter likes to “dive in” when it comes to traveling. Continue reading to check it all out!

Shout out to Brian Yeagle for the submission.


It’s difficult to think of persons you have traveled with more than once and had not at some point become agitated toward that person for something trivial or significant during that time together. It is with greater rarity to be able to name someone who has been an itinerant comrade a few times over and say truthfully that they have always made the experience richer, more pleasant, thrilling and basically were also the decisive element in making the whole thing possible from the start.

Every time I have traveled with Walter Pieringer he not only engages every bit of action that arises but also takes many steps to initiate interesting experiences for himself and his companions. His oversized woodshop-style glasses might lead you to believe he instructs teenaged Texans day in and day out making birdhouses and mailboxes; until the moment comes when you observe his prodigious employment of the Iphone and camera making quick work of any logistics and capturing images of unmistakable authorship. His command over these tools as well as others can easily leave one nonplussed and very appreciative when falling under the rendered benefits. From traipsing around Tokyo to a failed motorcycle ascent of a volcano in Ecuador, my admiration has grown for his draw to the unfamiliar and the necessary skills he’s cultivated making it possible to bring any concept into actuality.

I made an inquiry into his venturesome lifestyle and wanted to share some portraits of Walter I have made during our time traveling together.

-Brian Yeagle


Gunther Holtorf’s 23-year road trip

Here’s a great feature on BBC about a German former airline executive named Gunther Holtorf who took a never ending trip in his Mercedes G Wagen.

He’s gone half a million miles with no sponsorships, no social media, no blog, and no breakdowns. The video shows photos taken with Gunther’s two Leica film cameras, as well as shots by David Lemke.

Click here for the video.

Robin Fenlon: Travelin Man

Robin Fenlon is always on the move. I feel like he is never in one place for too long while taking care of business. This is part of the reason we asked him to take over our Photo of The Day a while back. If you follow him on Twitter or Instagram, than you might know what I mean as well.

Below I throw some assorted travel related topics at Robin. Check out what he has to say.

Follow Robin on Twitter and Instagram at @robinfenlon



Being a bag geek, I was stoked today to come across a blog called Carryology. Need a recommendation for a carry-on, wheeled bag, or something $100 and under? Carryology has great posts for that, but they also explore other issues involving carrying things such as the hopelessness of suitcase locks, why laptops challenge traditional bag design, and the different way to carry keys and even babies. If you’ve ever been frustrated with a clunky bag setup while commuting or traveling, be sure to give this blog a visit!

Andrew McMullen Cross Country


Andrew McMullen has started his solo road trip across the US. He started in Bellingham, Wa, where he was living for the past few years and is making his way out to New York. He’s only in California still, but has been posting a bunch of great photos to his blog. Hopefully he’ll be blogging the whole way, so make sure to follow his site for more update.

Check out a few photos from his trip so far – READ MORE

Praktica Super TL

praktica super tl 35mm film camera

I was just in Bratislava, Slovakia with my wife Michaela, visiting her family. Michaela was born there and lived there until she was about 10, but hasn’t been back in something like 15 years… This was my first trip to Slovakia and the first time meeting her family over there. They couldn’t speak much English and I can’t speak a word of Slovakian, but one thing they could figure out with out talking to me, was that I was into photography. After Michaela’s uncle saw the little red logo on my Leica D-Lux 3, he could tell I was into cameras.


Hard Graft

Hand Graft

While browsing Kitsune Noir I quickly fell in love with Hard Graft. Hard Graft is a accessories company focusing on bags and technology related items. I’m really loving their New High collection and I could definitely use a Y Laptop sleeve for quick meetings and trips to the coffee shop. But I think the product I was most psyched on, was their Mousemat Snap. A great solution for traveling, especially when you can’t find a blank surface for your mouse.

“Each individual hard graft product shows an impeccable old-world craftsmanship, timeless appeal and future thinking. We don’t follow the norm, we don’t follow the current fashion trends, instead we take our inspiration from past and present to create all time classics.”

Check out the Hard Graft site here and like any good company you can check their photos on Flickr, follow them on Twitter, and check their blog on Tumblr.

Japan in Photos

Japan is on the tip-top of yet to experience travel destinations for me, and this video just makes me want to go there even more. I came across it on Wejetset, which has some amazing travel content in their Magazine. The video above is from a guy name Eric Testroete and you can check out all the photos in individual form on his flickr page.