When it comes to trails, its pretty much a given that the lines and jumps you and your crew build will have to be named in one way or another. Needless to say, this makes for some rather interesting and unique names. Think “Dip Buzz”, “Sloth Hawk” and “Whammo” to name only a few.

With that said… I thought it would be interesting to dig deeper (no pun intended) and find out how some of these names came about.

We spoke to John Skvarla from Keyko Trails, Chris Janis from Catty Woods, Clint Reynolds from Eastside, Cody Diggs from Scituate, Jeremy Muller from La Source, Jay Lonergan from POSH, Anthony Napolitan from Wetlands and Mark Potoczny from Hazelwood to get the backstory on how some lines/jumps at their respective trails got their names. Click below.

*Please note – this is only a small portion of interesting names and respected trails out there.




Ryan Moore put together a cool look into HUSH and it’s locals (along with captions) over on Full Size Piece. Have a look.

Dan Closser at Lynnwood Trails

Growing up in Michigan, Dan Closser was the youngest kid in our crew. He rode a TNT bike and ordered all his parts from Dan’s Comp, so we called him “Dan’s” Closser. He hated that.

Now he’s one of the shreddingest trails riders out there, all grown up with a job, a wife, a friendly attitude and a positive outlook. Tyler Deschaine has created a video for S&M Bikes, showing Dan doing his thing one last time before his home trails in the Seattle area were plowed. Above photo by Teddy Van Orman.

Click here for video.

Demolition Northeast Trails Trip

Click below to check out Chris Doyle, Dennis Enarson, Dave Dillewaard, Hucker, Ronnie Napolitan & Kris Fox tear up some northeast dirt sculptures as part of the QBP X Demolition northeast trails trip.

Photo nicked from the Demolition site. Presumably taken by Joey Cobbs. Doyle, this ones for you!


Doyle Fuse edit

Doyle killing some trails for Fuse. MORE PLEASE!

Awesome Private Setup of the Day: DREAMLINE


Robbo in PA

Here’s Robbo getting in some PA trail action. Doing it for Mutiny.

Summer with Matt Priest

Johnny Elia just sent over this amazing edit he put together featuring Matt Priest. Lots of great trail footage, beautiful filming, and a dope song… Need I say more?


Frenchys Trail Trip with BF

Check out this rad edit with Brian Foster in France on the Frenchys Trail Trip!



Just watch this.

Video by Tom Arkus, VIA ESPN.

Gettin’ Nostalgic With Chris Doyle

We are super excited to present part 1 of “Gettin’ Nostalgic” with Chris Doyle. Put together by Will Stroud, who grew up with Chris and basically documented their entire lives on BMX. Chris and Will took a trip back to the infamous 401 trails, where they spent countless hours on their bikes along with guys like Ryan Barrett and Cory Muth.

Mixed with lots of amazing old footage, this piece gives you a great look back on a set of trails and a group of riders that not only made an impact on eachother, but have influenced the sport of BMX on so many different levels.

Keep reading to check out part 1 of Gettin’ Nostalgic as well as some great words from Chris Doyle!


Lost in The Shadows

Lost in The Shadows is a photo site that documents life at the trails, which I just came across this morning.

Considering that trail season is upon us, there should some pretty good stuff coming. Get into it!

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Sandy Carson @ Random

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Justin Kosman @ Random

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