High & Bound Tour

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MacNeil Europe Tour

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MacNeil is also going on tour. Kevin Kiraly and Dillon Lloyd will be trekking through Europe. Check out the info above and keep an eye out for updates at macneilbmx.com. While you are over there, make sure to check out their new team pages that have just been updated.

Shadow’s “Keep It Local” Video/Print Ads

Shadow’s edits are always on point–this time Simone Barraco, Seth Kimbrough, Lahsaan Kobza, Ben Hucke, and Trey Jones hop in the van and hit up a few shops in the northeast. You know this is good.

They also have two print ads featuring Simone Barraco and Seth Kimbrough that you can catch in Ride UK, or after the jump.


Dan’s Comp Tour Edit

Dan’s just dropped an edit from their recent tour. Check it.


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JC sent through the first (of 3) edit of a recent trip that the Sunday crew went on.

Here’s what Jim says:

Hey! Here’s the first episode from the Sunday Swine Flu tour that we went on right after Interbike. Jake Seeley, Alex Magallan, Eric Lichtenberger, Mike Gonzalez, Tom Arkus, Francis Delapena, Jeff Z and I all went on the trip! Good times even though nearly half the crew had swine flu the whole trip. All the sections combined will play like the format of a normal video with this first section being the opening. After they’re all posted you’ll be able to download it all as one video.

Click below to check out the first part.


Macneil Tour

H-Boy (otherwise known as Harrison Boyce) is on the road with the Macneil crew on their Eastern Canada Tour, and keeping daily updates on the site.

Be sure to check that out HERE, or you can also keep up through Twitter.

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