Pic – Matt Cordova

Get to know Fast and Loose shredder Kris Fox a little better.

Click below for some FIVES.


FLASHBACK FRIDAY: 5’s w/ Mark Mulville

mark mulville, top 5's, bmx

Taking it back to 2009… CLICK HERE to check out a top 5’s list with Mark Mulville.

5X5 With Dirt Ron

In between chillin and shooting photos at the Old School Reunion, I decided to turn the camera on Dirt Ron for a little 5X5 action. That’s 5 sets of top 5 lists.

I had a wide range of subjects in my notes that were totally random, and pick topics as I went. Ron had no idea what I was gonna ask, so he was kind of on the spot. The video is a little crude in spots as it was the first one I’ve shot, so bear with me, haha…

Click below to watch.



Mark Mulville, who has been putting in work for Anthem 2, hooks up a top 5’s list for you Defgripers.

Check that out HERE.

Also, if the person who shot the pic could please step forward, we would like to give you credit.

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