Mike Hoder Photo of the Day

photo by Andrew McMullen

Mike Hoder is taking over Photo of the Day. Big thanks to Tom White for holding it down and keep an eye out for some good stuff from Hoder!

Photo Of The Day: Tom White

From one Tom to another….

Tom White will be taking over the photo of the day on the sidebar for the next while.

Thanks to Tom from Empire for holding it down.

Ride BMX #173

Tom White graces the cover of the new Ride. Shouts to Jeff Z on another great pic.

More info HERE.

10 Years of Fit & Edwin

Edwin and Tom White have left the Fit team and Fit put together an amazing gallery along with some words from the rest of the team about Edwin and the impact he’s made on BMX over the past 10 years. You must check this out.



Click below to check out a pretty cool behind the scenes edit from a DC print ad photo shoot, which features Hucker, Tom White, Craig Mast and Rob Wise.

Via – Fit