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Back Off The Bench

… is Tom Sanders after dealing with some injuries. Nicely done by James Cox.

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United / Tom Sanders Edit

“Tom Sanders has been out of luck recently, first up was the shoulder which put him out of filming for ‘This Is United’ and then whilst working on this edit he blew his knee out straight away, making him miss a trip to Canada.

He still managed to get a few sweet clips, Thanks to Adam Blyth for hooking this up, latest update from Tom is the knee is not as bad as first diagnosed, and he should be back on the bike in a couple months”

Dean Hearne


Francis sent me a link to this edit that Richard Forne did for the Nike Media Apprentice thing.

I don’t know much about the contest, but I really enjoyed this edit. I was glued all the way to the end to see where it went, and I was not disappointed. Nice effort dudes!!!!

Click below to check out the edit.