Photogallery: Nigel Sylvester in Tokyo

Gatorade and Nigel Sylvester put together a trip to Tokyo as part of their Go All Day theme. The idea behind the trip was to ride all over Tokyo and have Gatorade monitor everything from our hydration levels to the distance we rode to learn more about BMX, and what our bodies go though on a typical day of riding. Because of the weather, security, and bike problems, we didn’t get to ride as much as we planned, but we still had an amazing time. I posted a video from the trip a few weeks back and if you missed it, you can check it out here.

Once we got back from the trip, Gatorade sent over a pdf with all the info they collected while we were riding… I don’t really quite understand everything they sent over, but what I do understand is pretty interesting… and since I have all the info, I might as well let you guys check it out, so keep reading to check out all the photos and all the info.


W-Base Tokyo

I was out in Tokyo last week with Nigel Sylvester and the Gatorade crew and finally got a chance to stop by the infamous bike shop, W-Base! The owner Motto and the rest of the guys were super nice and they have some amazing stuff in the shop. Lots of old classic parts, a serious collection of autographed items, the biggest innertube ball I’ve ever seen, all mixed with a great selection of new track and BMX parts. If you are ever in Tokyo, you need to stop by and say hi because the W-Base crew knows what’s up!


Kajioka Photography

Check out some great photos “NO digital” from Kajioka. via Tokyo Camera Style.


Tokyo Camera Style

I came across this link to Tokyo Camera Style on Yimmy the other day and what can you really say? It’s an amazing blog (with an extreme nerd level) that strictly showcases photographers holding their cameras. If you are a regular reader of Defgrip, you know we have a major soft spot for all types of cameras… There’s something about them that can easily draw me in, loosing an entire work day, not looking at actual photos, but photos of cameras, thus making Tokyo Camera Style a gift and a curse.


Reed Space


There is a cool post on Dezeen about Reed Space Tokyo and the architecture firm Upsetters, who designed the store. Does anyone feel like buying me a ticket to Tokyo? I nee to get there SOON.

Check the article out here.