Spliff-Triggered Photography

NYC-based photographer and director Timothy Saccenti of Stem has a really interesting article up on PDN explaining how he got the above shot of trip hop artist Tricky. Saccenti’s shots always look really crazy, and usually I assume it’s some post-production madness, but as it turns out the above shot was only colour graded. Really clever use of technology to get a brilliant result. Check out the PDN article here, and to see the rest of the Tricky series, check out Saccenti’s website here.

Timothy Saccenti

Last summer I met up with Will from the British-based Stem Agency and got to see some amazing portfolios. Among the fantastic photographers on his roster is Timothy Saccenti whose book is absolutely mind-blowing. This man applies boundless creativity and his trademark style to everything he does, no small feat especially when some of the work is of commercial intent for people like Target and Audi. Truly inspirational! Check out a selection below, and to see more make sure to visit his website (he directs as well, don’t miss the videos), and also his portfolio at theĀ Stem Agency.