Standard Definition Saturday?

I know everyone (myself included) is waiting anxiously to see Garrett Reynolds’ section in Deadline (which premieres next weekend), but I’m really waiting to see what Ty Morrow’s been stacking up during the past few years. This is my favorite Tymoe section to date from The Trip promo–the riding, the music and the production are just raw.


Danger (aka Chris O’Donnel) is a new recruit into The Trip, and this is his introductory edit. Some undeniable stuff in here.

Filmed and Edited by: Tony Ennis

The Trip Remix

Here’s a remix of THIS edit that the Trip dudes made for Interbike.

Shout out to Miles Rogoish and Ty Morrow.

The Trip!!!!!!!

The Trip site just went live with their 35 minute web video. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this like a 5 year old at Christmas. Lots of heavy hitters. Waaaaaaay stoked!

Check out The Trip edit HERE!!!!!!!