What Could Go Wrong? – Assorted Facts

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By now, a lot of you have seen Shadow’s new full length video ( What Could Go Wrong? ) or will be very soon. It should be on your radar. It’s available now on iTunes or you can hit up a shop.

A lot of interesting info can come out of a lengthy project like this, so I hit up the Shadow crew for some assorted random facts about the video and its making. Click below to check out some assorted facts courtesy of Chadwick (Shadow TM).


Vans X Shadow

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Vans and Shadow are back again. Them Era’s.

Available in stores and online in August. Visit VANS for more information.

What Could Go Wrong?

Can’t wait to find out. Full length coming in August (2015).

Shouts to Gutstains and his Defgrip tee in this.

The Hundreds x The Shadow Conspiracy

Shadow Conspiracy and The Hundreds are collaborating to build a custom bike from the ground up for a limited release. This stop motion video got me super psyched and was done so damn well!

Shadow Conspiracy Spring Apparel

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Riders ready, watch the lights, head to Shadow to check out their Spring Apparel.

Shadow in Denver

The Shadow Conspiracy crew took a trip to Denver to film for their new DVD, but came back with so much footage that they put an edit together with all their extras. DNVR OMLTS!

Shadow’s “Keep It Local” Video/Print Ads

Shadow’s edits are always on point–this time Simone Barraco, Seth Kimbrough, Lahsaan Kobza, Ben Hucke, and Trey Jones hop in the van and hit up a few shops in the northeast. You know this is good.

They also have two print ads featuring Simone Barraco and Seth Kimbrough that you can catch in Ride UK, or after the jump.


Print Ad: Shadow

Check out the latest print ad from Shadow featuring their half link chain.


Print Ad: Shadow

Check out the latest print ad from Shadow featuring their Ravager pedals!