Gold Rush

It’s that time again. Here’s the trailer for Gold Rush (The HUNT 2012).

Premiere this weekend in Long Beach too.

S/O to Kosman!

Q&A: Santino Mouneu

How rad is this?

Justin Kosman partnered up with Pro-Tec and Santino Mouneu from Sonny Boy Paint for some custom gold painted helmets for The HUNT best trick trophies.

Click below for a Q&A with Sonny, some pics of his work and more pics of the HUNT helmets.

Thanks Kosman!!


The Hunt X Skullcandy Giveaway


Wanna win the headphones you see above? Got a Twitter? Perfect!

The Hunt & Skullcandy will send a pair to one lucky winner (who Justin Kosman will choose at random). All you have to do is leave a comment and your Twitter name below, with your  answer to the following question:

“Who would you like to see put together a Hunt part this year?”

Leave your answer in the comments below along with your Twitter name so we can select and contact the winner. Winner will be picked on Monday.

(Jaws not included)


Round 2. Start filming now.

Keep posted on The HUNT for more info.

Chad Kerley’s HUNT Ring

Here’s a detailed look and a quick Q&A with Kosman on the new ring that Chad Kerley has acquired for winning The HUNT.

Shouts to Justin Kosman and everyone involved in the HUNT.


The Hunt: Best Line Winner

… and the winner is.

The HUNT “Best Line” Bonus Edit

We were able to add two bonus awards to The Hunt this year and this Best Line compilation is worth a watch. The evolution of street has been pointing towards lines, lines lines for a couple years now, but linking tricks in parks in mini ramps has been around forever. Featuring Dylan Stark, Chad Kerley, Kyle Baldock, Dillon Lloyd, Russell Wadlin, Anthony Pearson, Chris Gille, Chris Russell, Marcus Tooker, Paul Horan, Zack Gerber, Tony Neyer, and Grant Castelluzzo. Who has the best line? Next week they will have and extra $1000 burning a hole in their pocket. Presented by Monster Energy Drink.

Tweet your picks to @defgripcrew @thehuntbmx


The HUNT “Best Trick” Bonus Edit

After launching The Hunt back in the spring, Pro-Tec came to us an wanted to kick down an extra grand for the rider who really took riding to the next level. We came up with The Pro-Tec Progression Impression Best Trick Bonus for $1000.

While the judges are making their final decisions on the top-ten riders who will be featured in the final DVD, we used their input to cut this best-trick reel and we want you to give us your best picks. This footage is made of up stand-out tricks nominated by the judges and the filmers, and Will Stroud will be looking at your tweets when he makes the final call on who get the cheddar. This is going to be a tough one.

Tweet at @defgripcrew and/or @thehuntbmx with your picks.


Update on The HUNT Project

Justin Kosman sent through an update to get us up to speed on The HUNT project. Should be gooood.

Final 14. The Hunt BMX Video Project enters final stretch.

It’s been a long summer of clocking footy and uploading clips and the final fourteen have arrived. Broken arms, crashed hard drives, corrupt files, and missed deadlines are all part of the program when working with such a wide variety of riders and filmers from all over the world. I’ve seen all the full-length parts and it’s better than I thought possible. The riders and filmers who committed to putting in work pulled out all the stops and went hard. Some riders go the extra mile for a DVD project and it’s going to be obvious when you watch this video. A big thanks to all the riders who had faith in this project and I’m glad I was able to resurrect a place where amazing video parts can live on a DVD.

The first annual Hunt BMX Video project is ready to fill the judges eyes with some of the most progressive ramp and street riding ever put to tape. We’ve been uploading teasers for the past couple weeks and we’ve reached the final list of riders that will show the judges their full-length parts.

Judges will begin voting at the end of the week so be sure to tweet to the following guys your favorite riders.
@theaaronross, @adambanton, @davemirra, @tjlavin, @dakroche, @will_stroud @thehuntbmx

The following teasers are live at:
Ant Pearson by Sean Pointing
Paul Horan self filmed
Chris Gille by Larry Alvarado
Dillon Llyod by Jereme Deme (Northern Embassy)
Kyle Baldock by Bret Trigg
Marcus Adam Mixtape
Zack Gerber self filmed
Tony Neyer by Tony Ennis
Dylan Stark x Stevie Churchill by Jeff Dupaul
Dan Foley Mixtape
Mike King Mixtape
Russell Wadlin self filmed
Chad Kerley by Christian Rigal
Grant Casteluzzo by Chris Beers

Once the judges have spoken, the top ten video parts will be released on DVD with the top video part winning $5,000, second place gets flown to Barcelona courtesy Odyssey BMX and the rest of the money trickles down to the top-five. Odyssey will be picking one rider from the top-ten to be on the Odyssey flow team for a year and another lucky rider from the top ten will be getting fresh Vans shoes for all of next year. Defgrip will be premiering the Monster Energy Best Bonus nomination mixtape as well as the Pro-Tec Best Trick nomination mixtape where an extra $1000 will be awarded for each top clip, picked by Head Judge Will Stroud.

The DVD bonus material will include: Scotty Cranmer Monster Edit, Vans Team Mixtape, Odyssey BMX Team Mix.

Videos will be pressed and shipping by October 15! The most exciting part of this project is still a head of us and we’re already working on 2012……

In case you are unfamiliar with The HUNT, be sure to check out our Q&A with Kosman.

Q&A: Will Stroud / The Hunt

Justin Kosman hooked up this Q&A with Will Stroud; master videographer/head judge of The Hunt project. If you are not familiar with The Hunt, go HERE now. If you’re not familiar with Will, punch yourself in the face then click below.

Speaking of The Hunt, they just added a “Best Line” bonus of $1000.00. Get your stuff in people!!!

Click below to read up on Will.


Q&A: Justin Kosman / The Hunt

Justin Kosman is heading up a new video contest called The Hunt. The premise behind this project may be familiar to some of you, but it’s now back to life for a new generation of filmers and riders. Be sure to register asap if you are interested.

Follow The Hunt on Twitter to keep posted.

Click below to check out a quick Q&A with Justin about it.