Jesse Whaley interview on Quintin

Jesse has been putting in hours at our new private skatepark The Heights and we’ll all be seeing the fruits of that action very soon. For now, settle for this photo of him playing a banjo and answering some ludicrous questions on the Quintin website.

The Heights Holiday Party

I missed this party due to a late flight and the flu, so I had to watch this video a few times. Super fun spot, good crew of people at Quintin and The Heights.

You may notice a lack of Jim Bauer in this video… that’s because he was busy getting staples in the back of his head after clipping it on that grind box.

Also check out the photo gallery from the party.

The Heights: First Session

The dudes over at Quintin have a private little setup called The Heights. Even though they were still under construction, they decided to film a quick little edit during their first session.

More to come I’m sure…