The Dream


So, I can admit that my musical taste is all over the map. Just as an example, I’m listening to My Morning Jacket right now, but the day started out with The Dreams new album. I usually don’t listing to that much main stream hip-hop, especially not R&B, but I’ll have to blame my recent relapse to the mainstream stuff to designer and DJ, Fourcolor Zack. He posted this really good mix of tracks from The Dream on his myspace. I’ve had the mix for months now and I seriously can not stop listing to it. I have this moment before I click on the track in iTunes, where I know I shouldn’t do it, but I’m just so addicted, I have to… It’s really bad… haha.

So anyway, there was this video that just showed up on The Fader for a remix of The Dreams “Rockin’ That Shit” with Rick Ross, Ludacris, Fabolous, and Santana all backed up by this whole magazine layout theme. I’m pretty stoked on the video concept and I’m also stoked that I have finally admitted my horrible addiction to The Dream.

Check out the video after the jump and if you’d like to get sucked in, download Fourcolor Zack’s mix here.


A Conversation About Hip-Hop


The Fader just posted an interesting, yet not to long, conversation between The Faders deputy editor How To An Ex Boyfriend To Want You Back When You Live Together Eric Ducker and Eskay of Nah Right, discussing the lack of good hip-hop albums. I feel like there’s always talk of “the current state of hip-hop”, but I found this interesting because it seems like there is just a bunch of people, labels and rappers, that don’t really know what to do because of what’s happening in the music industry… I don’t really have my hopes up for any good hip-hop albums to drop anytime soon and it’s interesting how my music taste is way more electronic and rock than it is hip-hop lately…

Check out the conversation here.

How To An Ex Boyfriend To Want You Back When You Live Together

The Fader’s Listmania


Out of all the end of the year roundups, The Fader has my favorite thing going on by far. I posted on their list last year and was super excited to see what they came up with this year. They always have the most random topics and I love how the numbers change… Like “Top Six Celebrity Sightings Near The FADER’s LA Office” or “Top Two Different Dances That Are Actually The Same Dance” how about “Top Fifty Things Lil Wayne Is, According To Lil Wayne on The Carter III”.

Definitely a good way to enjoy Christmas Eve Eve. Check Fader’s Listmania here – Part 1 & Part 2.

Clipse Mixtape

I don’t know about you Defgrip readers, but I’ve been loving these guys since Lord Willin’ in 2002. They’ve stuck with the same theme and have consistently put out quality raw lyricism with minimal compromise. After a few bumps in the road it’s nice to see everything coming together for the Clipse and there’s a lot of excitement around the new album coming in ’09.

For any of you who are looking forward to Till The Casket Drops as much as I am, The Fader has posted a free download link to the new Play Cloths/Clipse mixtape “Road to Till The Casket Drops” on the Complex website, as well as a nice new track from Clinton Sparks’ upcoming mixtape.

Here’s the free mixtape.

Here’s the Clinton Sparks track “Still Got It for Cheap“.

Nelly’s Typos

I love The Fader blog because it calls out exactly what they love and hate, usually with humor and in a very matter-of-fact manner, yet with eloquence. They couldn’t find anything good or entertaining about the music on Nelly’s new album, so they discussed all of the typos they found on the album art, pointing out that “copy editing is to hip-hop what kryptonite is to Superman”.

Read it here.