Jeff Dowhen for Madera

That rail hop peg slap on the wall… Jeff’s riding is creative and bold. Any video that includes peg chinks gets me hyped and the last clip happens to include one.


This filled up my lunch break nicely. I had a sandwich with Roasted red pepper Hummus, cucumber, avocado, lettuce, salt & pepper and hot sauce. WHAT!

This features Stevie Churchill, Broc Raiford, Dylan Stark, Liam Zingbergs, Brock Olive, Dillon Lloyd and Lana Del Rey, doing it for TCU.

Filmed/Edited by Tony Malouf.

Das Cum Üp

I’m sure this has been everywhere already, but it’s too good not to post.

Tony Neyer / TCU Edit

Here’s Tony Neyer’s latest edit in case you missed it. The goods.

Ashley Charles on United

Ashley Charles has just joined the United Pro team and to welcome him aboard United put together a great exclusive edit on The Come Up with Ashley. You can check out the United edit here and keep reading for an Eclat edit from Ashley that was online last week.


Hoang Tran X The Come Up Exclusive

hoang tran subrosa the come up exclusive edit

Hoang Tran and Subrosa put together an exclusive edit for The Come Up. Like usual Hoang kills it and what more can you ask for on Thanksgiving than some turkey and a good web video!

Check out the edit on The Come Up.

Four Pegs T-Shirt


The Come Up has a new t-shirt called the “Four Pegs” shirt, inspired from the Black Flag logo that’s available  for $20 on their online store. Check out the shirt after the jump.


Defgrip Original – Adam22

A lot of people on the internet talk shit. Most of the shit talkers use fake names, sit at home and never do anything about the stuff they are talking shit on. Well, Adam Grandmaison, or as many of you know him as “Adam22”, is not that person.

Plagued with two straight years of injuries and nothing to do but talk shit on the internet, Adam decided to start a blog called The Come Up, because rather than posting comments and threads in other peoples forums, he wanted to create a voice of his own. After a quick three years, The Come Up has turned into what can easily be called the most followed BMX site on the internet, and Adam has positioned himself as one of the leading voices in the sport. Love him or hate him you can not deny the work Adam Grandmaison has put in and only respect what he has created.



Keith Romanowski hit me up about this edit he did while on the recent Comeup Texas trip.

Here’s the kicker, the edit was filmed with his Leica C-Lux point and shoot camera (10 megapixel) that also shoots HD video. He went ahead and whipped up an edit off the footage, which you can check out HERE.

April Fools


So, I’m sure you’ve figured it out… Adam from The Come Up took over Defgrip and blasted it with is BMX content, while the Defgrip crew brought a bit of culture to TCU! We had a blast and I think my favorite part of the day was reading everyone’s comments… I grabbed a bunch off TCU, so check out what everyone on TCU had to day about our posts… Starting with the first comment on the first post of the day… haha!


Jared Souney Interview

Jared Souney Graphic Design Photography

The Come Up has a rad interview with Photographer and Graphic Designer Jared Souney covering everything from the magazine/web debate to twitter.

Check out the interview here.


bobby simmons

I tend to skip over a lot of the web videos posted on the come up, but I watched this one, and it was dope.

Click below to check out “Act Like You Know” with Bobby Simmons. Onion head bastards.

Speaking of TCU, check out a Q&A they got with Harry Main.


But It Does Float

but it does float image blog

Matt from Rsrvs has some of the best Twitter updates out of anyone I follow (aside from Shaq). I started to update on Twitter sometime last year and I was real into it for a while, but just kind of got over it. I didn’t really get the whole idea, I wasn’t following many people and I didn’t have many friends on it at the time. But over the past month, I’ve been getting way into it. for the past three or so months, I was getting way more people following me and it seemed like I should give it another shot. One big thing was downloading TweetDeck, a desktop app that manages all your twitter updates, replies, direct messages, searches, etc…

It’s interesting to see how different people use Twitter. I know Adam from The Come Up is working on an update about all the BMX pros who are on Twitter and I’m pretty excited to see how that turns out. But Matt from Rsrvs uses it as a blog most of the time. Here and there he has standard updates about what he’s up to, but he mostly drops rad links. One that he posted last night was a link to an endless scrolling image blog titled But It Does Float. I’ve been saving images off the site all morning and thought I should pass on the link.

If you are on Twitter, check me out here. We are going to get a Defgrip account going soon, just trying to get the username “defgrip” from someone who’s squatting on it… If the person who has the name on twitter is reading this, hit me up! I’d be psyched to get the name from you!

And finally, check out But It Does Float here.


Drake featuring Lil Wayne – Ignorant Shit
50 Cent – I’ll Be The Shooter
AZ – Life On The Line
Blood For Blood – City Boy
Mountain Goats – Heretic Pride
Belle & Sebastian – Seymour Stein
Against Me – Mutiny On The Electronic Bay
Shere Khan – Disappear
Hell Rell – Do It For The Hustlers

Thanks to Keith Romanowski for the pic.


Rory Ellis S&M web video from Chris Long on Vimeo.

Check out S&M flow rider and ComeUp warrior Rory Ellis in the above web video, courtesy of S&M.