Vancouver 2010: The Big Picture

The Vancouver 2010 Olympics are over and it’s been an amazing experience. Living in an Olympic city for my first time has been so much fun and it has almost made me feel like I’m a real Canadian. Since moving from Seattle three years ago I have always enjoyed living in Vancouver, but nothing could have prepared me for the craziness that was the past two weeks. As I sit in my office now with the window open, it almost feels like I’m living in a ghost town. The noise and excitement that followed last nights hockey game, where Canada beet out the US Olympic team in overtime, was nothing like I have ever experienced before. Every time Canada would score a goal, you could hear the city cheering – people in the streets, in bars, and in their apartments with the windows open. It’s really hard to describe it with out being here. And once the game was over, people were running, screaming, and honking in the streets for over 10 hours straight. It was a crazy night!

The following photos are a selection from The Boston Globe’s “The Big Picture“, capturing the Olympics from start to finish. I have yet to go through all my photos from the past two weeks, but if it works out, I might throw some photos on the site!



I’ve linked to a specific set of photos from this site before, but I don’t know why I’ve never linked straight to the main page. has a section titled “The Big Picture”, which they dub as News Stories in Photographs. There is a wide range of subjects, and each photo has great captions so you know what’s going on.

The picture above is from the Antarctica set, and the caption read:
A person stands silhouetted by the South Pole sunset on April 6, 2008. The sun dipped below the horizon on March 20th and did not appear again until September 22nd.

Pretty interesting stuff. Check out The Big Picture HERE.