Modern architecture in film


ArchDaily has taken note of the fact that in older movies, only villains lived in cool houses (the American Psycho, Jackie Treehorn, and the bad guy from North by Northwest). Nowadays, thanks to Tony Stark and some others, the good guys get to have good taste too.

ArchDaily article here, including some great photos of legendary modern houses.

Originally seen at YouMightFindYourself. Above pic from MidCenturia.

John Lautner movie


I’m excited for this documentary on John Lautner! The trailer got me pumped because you can see glimpses of some of my favorite Lautner houses: James Goldstein’s house (which you will definitely recall from the Jackie Treehorn scene in The Big Lebowski, as well as a Charlie’s Angels movie), Chemosphere (also in a Charlie’s Angels movie), and the Garcia House on Mulholland which I came across on a hike recently.

Those of you in Southern Cal can check it out at the Newport Beach Film Festival.

Watch the trailer here.