The Signs of Austin

the signs of austin, texas

I’ve lived in Austin, and I know a lot of you are from there or have at least visited (especially if you ride bikes). One thing I noticed on my first visit was all the great signage. Whether it’s hand painted or big neon, there is cool signage all over town.

I just came across “The Signs of Austin” site, which has illustrations of recognizable signs by Reagan Ray and some facts about each one. It’s pretty rad, go HERE to check it out.

Matt Priesteezy

I fuckin love watching this dude shred.

What’s Your Vision?

Austin, TX.

Mutiny in El Paso

Mutiny in El Paso by Walter Pieringer. Check it!

Skanks & Bodyshots edit

A while back we posted an Almond Disposed from an Austin trip they took, which was dubbed Skanks & Bodyshots.

Here is the official edit that came from that trip, which came out pretty good. It features Jared Washington, Ben Hucke and Shane Weston being taken into a cop car while handcuffed. There’s a good mix of riding and commentary in this bad boy. Enjoy!

Click below.


Odyssey’s Texas Toast Jam

The Texas Toast jam will be going down this weekend in Austin, along with a party put on by¬†Darryl Nau (click below for the party flyer). The video above gives you some good insight into this event and all it’s insanity. Should be an interesting time for everyone that’s heading out, haha…

I’ll be on the premises snapping pics, so check back for a gallery next week.


Disposed: Mutiny In Texas

It had been a while since Joe and I went on a trip with the team. With George back on his bike after his knee surgery, Randy starting to ride again after breaking his leg last year, Mikey hungry for some fresh spots, Brandon needing some sun and Deven getting the all clear from the doctors to ride. We headed from Austin to Denton/Fort worth area for 4 days to shoot for a edit. Here is some behind the scenes shots from the trip.

Features: Brandon Hoerres, Randy Taylor, George Boyd, Deven Ferrer, Mikey Luplow, Joe Simon & Gaz Sanders

-Gaz Sanders


Cody Haltom / Gourdough’s

Seeing as Austin, TX is a big BMX town, chances are that some of you have been to Gourdough’s and experienced their over the top donuts. I myself have gone there each time I’ve been to to Austin, and highly recommend it if you have a sweet tooth and feel the need to pig out late at night. I knew the place was serious when I was looking over the menu and noticed “add $1 for meat”.

Gourdough’s is housed in an airstream on the side of road, and has some simple yet nice design (see above). Funnily enough, I was browsing Yewknee and came across Cody Haltom, who is the person responsible for the Gourdough’s branding. Sweet ! (no pun intended).

Check out Cody Haltom’s work HERE.

Photogallery: Austin Roadtrip

Click below to check out some photos from a quick road trip that Bauer, Francis and I took to Austin, TX.



The Empire crew sent over images of their new softgoods, which are available now.

Click below, and click on the image for a big version.



Keith Romanowski hit me up about this edit he did while on the recent Comeup Texas trip.

Here’s the kicker, the edit was filmed with his Leica C-Lux point and shoot camera (10 megapixel) that also shoots HD video. He went ahead and whipped up an edit off the footage, which you can check out HERE.