Texas Toast Jam

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Save the date. Stay tuned to the Texas Toast Jam site for updates or to get involved!

Click HERE for previous TOAST features and videos.

Documentary: Texas Toast – Together We Shred

For this years Texas Toast Jam, my boy Francis Delapena ran around like a stealth ninja and filmed as much of the event as he could from beginning to end. Meanwhile, I ran around and gathered various BMX personalities who were on hand to throw some questions at. Through various answers and commentary, this video took on a life of its own.

This video covers more than just this years jam, so sit back and enjoy this Texas Toast Jam documentary.

Texas Toast Jam by Brandon Means

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Another Texas Toast Jam has come and gone, and what a sweet time it was. Considering the amount of rain we received the week prior (the dirt jumps were literally flooded), I’d say the whole thing ended marvelously. It was great seeing people from around the world descend upon Austin for the jam once again.

Brandon Means was in town for Toast (ice to finally meet you bud) , and he graciously contributed a bunch of pics from the weekend. Click below to check them out.


Texas Toast Jam After Party


Coming to Texas Toast Jam. Here’s an after party for ya.

Print Ad: Odyssey / Texas Toast Jam

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Together We Shred.


Print Ad: Odyssey

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Together We Shred.


Nora Cup / Texas Toast Jam 2013

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Yep, that's right! After forever in Vegas, NORA CUP is making the move to Austin to coincide with this years Texas Toast Jam.

Its safe to say, if you're not in Austin on these dates, than the terrorists have won.


Texas Toast Jam: Assorted Facts & Photos

This years Texas Toast Jam is a wrap. As someone who was involved on the back end of this thing, I can safely claim that it went really well. BMX Heavy hitters came out to our BMX festival and it was truly a good time. Thanks to all that came through and/or supported Toast!

I was running around throughout the jam and couldn’t really shoot photos like last year, but I did manage to pull a few. I did take mental notes about random interesting facts/tidbits regarding Toast as well.

A special special very important shout out to Taj Mihelich, Ryan Corrigan, Burly Matt, Clint Reynolds, Nutter, Will Blount and other volunteers for all their hard work and making the jam a success. Nobody can thank you guys and gals enough.

Hit up the Texas Toast Jam site for all the coverage you can handle.

Click below to check out some pics and to read some interesting tidbits about Texas Toast Jam 2012.


Texas Toast Jam by John Prolly

John Prolly posted a great photo gallery from Texas Toast Jam, which went down this past weekend.

If I was able to shoot photos and pull off a full gallery this year, I’d like to think that it would look a lot like John’s. Good job dude.

Check out the gallery HERE.

Texas Toast 2012

This years Texas Toast jam is coming up, go HERE for all the info you need. Warning… it’s gonna be awesome.

Check out our gallery from Toast 2011 in case you missed it.

Photogallery: Texas Toast Jam

I can best describe Odyssey’s Texas Toast Jam as some sort of large scale local jam/BMX festival. I think the combination of those two sums it up pretty well. There was a pretty standard dirt comp going on, but every thing else was pretty non-standard (but that was the best part). Once people got on site, they knew they were in for an interesting time.

Despite the heat (did you know it was hot in texas?) and windy conditions, I can’t help but feel that this jam was refreshing and just plain fun. I’m pretty sure everyone left with a smile, especially after Mike Aitken’s run. Click through the photogallery to see what I mean.

Click below to check out some pics from the Texas Toast Jam and hit up THIS link for more coverage.


Odyssey’s Texas Toast Jam

The Texas Toast jam will be going down this weekend in Austin, along with a party put on by Darryl Nau (click below for the party flyer). The video above gives you some good insight into this event and all it’s insanity. Should be an interesting time for everyone that’s heading out, haha…

I’ll be on the premises snapping pics, so check back for a gallery next week.