Premium NC Trip

My eyeballs are NOT offended. I enjoyed this very very much.

Shout out to Terrell Gordy for making this crew look even better.


Terrell Gordy put together a review and test video on the Panasonic AF-100(AF). Check it.

Over the course of the past few months I have been fortunate enough to have Texas Media Systems here in Austin supply me with a Panasonic AF-100(AF) to shoot with. While the AF is definitely not the end all be all of the large sensor cameras. It might be, in my opinion, one of the best bang for your buck large sensor camera to date. Without going over all the technical specs, that you can easily find if so desired, this camera really does fix most of the serious problems I’ve had with the HDSLR movement.

Read the rest of his review HERE.

Terrell Gordy

Terrelly Gordy sent over a link to his new demo reel consisting of a compilation of amazing BMX footage. With lots of footage of the Greenville crew and work for Haro bikes, as well as some very notable edits for Vital like the Colin McKay edit (above), his demo is definitely worth checking out.


Colin MacKay Haro Edit

Damn, this edit is so good. Colin MaCkay for Haro filmed and edited by Terrell Gordy. My favorite clips have to be the allyoop nack-nack and allyoop no footed can-can… The last clip isn’t bad either. (via TCU)