Taj’s Amazing Moments in BMX History…

This is awesome.

Taj Mihelich – Bernie The Bike Builder

Taj Mihelich wrote a children’s book. Yes, that Taj Mihelich.

If Taj is one of your BMX heros and you now have a child, this book is for you. You should cop even if you don’t have a child. Go HERE for more info and hit OUR BMX for a Q&A with Taj.

Mat Hoffman and the Lars Ligament

When Taj mentioned that he was working on a secret BMX project, I was VERY intrigued. Definitely not let down either. This is rad, a Taj Mihelich illustrated Mat Hoffman story. Such a great story.

In 1999 Mat Hoffman endured an experimental synthetic ACL replacement surgery with no anesthesia. He stayed awake while doctors drilled through six inches of bone. Story told by Mat Hoffman and illustrated by Taj Mihelich.

Albion 14 (AKA Fuck Yeah Taj Mihelich)

Albion, 14, cover, bmx, taj mihelich

FUCK YEAH! New Albion features interview AND cover art by my old landlord Taj Mihelich. Didn’t know the cover was happening, great surprise.

Here’s what else you can find in the issue:

Editorial: This Too Will Pass
Departure: Jason Phelan and his homage to Mike Escamilla
How To: Steal A Bike
Freecoasters: Progress or fleeting fad?
Colts – Dale Armstrong
Colts – Troy Merkle
Holding The Room – Alex ‘Fathead’ Barton-Holmes
Snakes & Ladders – Shawn Mcintosh
Taj Mihelich – “You can’t win BMX”
The Rise & Fall of BACO
The 100th Monkey

The Albion is available for FREE in all good BMX shops in the UK, and available outside the UK by subscription.

Photogallery: Fairdale – Seattle to San Francisco

Back in June, Sandy Carson led Taj Mihelich, Seth Holton & Nick Coombes on a road ride from Seattle to San Francisco to help raise money for the Humane Society and to celebrate his birthday.

Click below to check out a bunch of photos from the trip along with an intro & captions from Taj.

Hit up ESPN for additional photos too.


The 50 Greatest BMX Logos

Taj Mihelich took the plunge and came up with 50 of the greatest BMX logos for Complex.

Check it out HERE.

Ramphouse / Harveyville Project

Go to BMXwonderland.com for more videos.

Justin Kosman put together this piece on Ron Miller and The Harveyville Project. It gives you a little breakdown of what The Harveyville Project is all about, but also focuses on Ramphouse.

Click below to check out Taj’s part from Electronical. The first half was filmed at this school.