Gabriel Medina

I’m sure this post will interest nearly 100% of our viewers… I know a lot of people that read the site like to surf and I’m pretty sure just about everyone likes girls in bikini’s. This video is pretty long and I don’t know much about surfing my self, but I couldn’t stop watching it… I was really into the bigger wave stuff that starts around 4:15. (via doobybrain)

Saturdays Surf Online Store

Our friends at Saturdays Surf NYC have launched a new website/online store where you can pick up everything from their in-house clothing line to the art on their walls. The site is super dope and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for the new year!

Rip Curl Mirage

Last month, Rip Curl released a video as part of their Mirage promotional campaign featuring some shots taken with a 52-DSLR rig set up. They worked with Timeslice Films and rented the Sunway Lagoon water theme park in Malaysia for two days to make this happen, and the resulting footage is pretty phenomenal. If you’re interested in how this was made, check out a behind the scenes after the jump!


Photogallery: Mike Leask Hawaii

My good friend Mike Leask, Chris Martindale’s cousin, and a great photographer who had an Autophoto on Defgrip back in 2007, spent the last year+ living in Hawaii, shooting photos, and surfing. He just moved back to Seattle this past month, but while he was there, I kept hitting him up to see some photos. Aside from some random point and shoot stuff, Mike was only shooting film and hadn’t really developed many rolls. I knew he had some amazing stuff and I really wanted to get a gallery going, so after a few months of me badgering him, Mike sent all his film off to the lab and came back with this great selection of photos!


Shotwell – Alex Klein


Jordan Malama and the guys at Say Mayday have a great series going on called Shotwell. We linked up to the first series they did on Nick Ferreira a while back on Vimby, but they’ve since gone out on their own producing a piece on Kyle Emery-Peck (that I swear we posted on, but can’t find it anywhere) and have just released a new Shotwell feature on Filmmaker Alex Klein. Alex and a few friends spent two months in Gaza and Israel filming a documentary about the surf scene out there. Their film is called God Went Surfing With The Devil and keep reading to get the scoop on Alex and his film!


Vincent Laforet


Photographer Vincent Laforet has been working on a project with surfer Jamie O’Brian and has been blogging like crazy about the whole thing. He has some amazing behind the scenes videos, as well as some beautiful clips from the project. He always goes into great detail on what ever he is blogging about and it really gives you a good look into the professional life of a world class photographer. He is always working with crazy gear and this project is no exception. The setup he has with the RED camera is just nuts… And the RC helicopter with the camera is so rad. I’m not really one that has the knowledge to go into detail about all the stuff, so you should just go to his site and see for your self.

Check it all out on his blog.