Some Phire!

Steve aka H MAN just sent through a link to a bunch of photos that he’s taken during his time at Seventies in the UK.

There’s a bunch of cool stuff featuring Ty Morrow (above), Dan Lacey, Ben Basford, Cookie, Lloyd Wright, Mark Love, Scott Taylor, Niki Croft and Levi Rogers. Go HERE to check it out.


covers, streetphire

The crew over at Streetphire hit us up regarding an experiment they are conducting to find out what’s what when it comes to the BMX magazines you purchase. They are trying to get an accurate count (which may or may not be possible) as to which magazines readers are purchasing, to answer the question “Do magazines still count?”. Read and vote HERE.

For me personally, I’m all for the magazines (and anything printed) and do not want them to go away. I’m definitely not a “print is dead” flag waver. However, I would be a fool if I did not acknowledge their need to adapt all around with the internet being such a force, especially in the years to come. Luckily, magazines do have websites as well for speedy up-to-the-minute info, in addition to providing us with original content in their pages. To keep kids buying in the digital age is the hard part though. Finding a new balance between print and online might be key.

The topic continues….

update – Robin has written a post about this over on Ride UK.


H-Man just dropped a new version of Streetphire, which you can check out right HERE.

I was pretty fond of the previous layout, so I’m gonna really have to get used to this new one. They have some good stuff lined up, so keep an eye out.

Lavar on Streetphire


Tom from Streetphire was so kind as to post up this little article on the new Lavar release, along with an interview with yours truly. Wynn Ruji supplied the photos of me and Tom’s dialed layout allows you to get a better look at the tees than we even have on our own site, so thanks to both of you.

View it here.