The action packed 2019 X Games RealBMX videos dropped yesterday. 6 videos total. If you haven’t seen them yet, click HERE to watch them all and to cast your vote for fan favorite.

Putting together a project like RealBMX for the web and network TV surely involves some hard work and diligence. To learn more about RealBMX and ALL that goes into it behind the scenes, I hit up Stew Johnson (BMX legend and overall producer/project manager of the show) with some questions about it all.

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Q&A: Stew Johnson / Holy Fit

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HOLY FIT is upon us. 3 years in the making, head up by Stew Johnson and loaded with FIT’s cast of shredders and legends. Buy this video.

As always, Stew Johnson was kind enough to take some questions from me, so click below to read what he has to say about HOLY FIT. He also whipped up a new trailer to go aong with this.

Click below for Q&A and trailer.


Almost on this date last year…


Nov. 23rd to be exact. We posted our Q&A with Stew Johnson about BF-it (Brian Foster doc.). Read up.

If you still haven’t seen BF-it, you’re missing out. Be sure to pick up a copy asap.

Stew Johnson is one busy mofo.

Good things to come.



This is what BMX is for me… Traveling around with your frieds, riding, shooting photos, and taking advantage of whatever situation might come up… Even if that situation is getting hurt on a trip and not being able to ride. Hoang comes through with a dope video by Stew Johnson about his riding and photography for Dans Comp. Check it!

Q&A: Stew Johnson & BF-it

Chrissy Piper Photo

Stew Johnson has taken on the task of heading up a documentary on Brian Foster, one of the most respected and all around legends of BMX. That’s not blog intro fluff, BF is a cot damn respected BMX legend and awesome individual. The documentary is aptly named, BF-it.

Stew has been secretly (as best as he could) working on this doc for the better part of this year, and the final outcome is fantastic. I tip my hat to Stew for putting BF-it together and to BF for being BF. I have since seen BF-it after sending these questions to Stew and I can’t wait for fans of BMX to see it.

Click below to check out a Q&A with Stew Johnson about it all.


Mutiny: Robbo in Austin

Here’s a cool little piece on Robbo’s recent visit to Austin, put together by Stew Johnson.

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Here’s Stew Johnson, Myself and Ben Hittle. Photo courtesy of Ride BMX/Google Images.

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