Takeover Tour 2011

The BMX/Skate lovefest continues with this sweet promo that Glenn sent through for the TAKE OVER TOUR 2011, which sounds pretty rad.

A few Months ago Stevie Williams (street legend) and Nigel Sylvester (well on his way to be a legend) realized they wanted to work on a project together. Not only was I honored to get the call to write, direct, and edit the short for the teaser, I was excited to work on a more “produced” piece incorporating BMX and Skateboarding.

I grew up riding BMX and hanging with skaters, so being able to create a piece that incorporates both in a more unique way is a little bit of a dream come true for me.

A lot of creative people chimed in on this project to help make it what it is and I am super proud of the outcome. I hope you enjoy it too!


Click below to check it out.