Hey Lloyd, could you stand like over there in case my bike….

Surely one of the finer BMX videos to come out in recent memory (in DVD form). Kink's Squash It is now online in full for you to feast your eyes on. I could conjur up some slick wording to express how much I like this video, but I won't. I really like this video. Done.

While I can watch it all the way through, I'm rolling with Doyle, Hittle, Sexton and Hamlin as my faves. Good work all around though.

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Print Ad: Odyssey

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As seen in Squash It. Click to enlarge.

Feature: Making “Squash it”

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Kink’s “Squash It” video is all set to premier soon. After roughly over a year in the making, 2 trailers and numerous ads, it’s all done.

With that said, we’ve hit up Ben Hittle, Sean Sexton, Aaron Smith, Darryl Tocco, Lloyd Wright, Dan Coller, Tony Hamlin and Chris Doyle to reflect on their time making this video and to recount any memorable moments that come to mind.

Thanks to Jay Roe for the assistance!

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courtesy of kinkbmx

courtesy of kinkbmx

Squash It coming soon. In the meantime, watch the dudes eat it.

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Print ads: Kink

Check out the last few print ads from Kink with Lloyd Wright and Darryl Tocco.


Squash It

Check out Kink’s latest print ad promoting their new DVD “Squash It”… Chad Ozburn killing a full pipe. You can check out a big version of the original photo on Kink’s site.